X Rocker Pro Series H3 4.1 Wireless Audio Gaming Chair Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

Having a gaming chair that’s hooked up to an audio system isn’t unheard of, but it’s something that you won’t certainly find on a lot of gaming chairs. This is one of the things that makes the X Rocker Pro Series H3 4.1 Wireless Audio Gaming Chair Unique and one of the best gaming chairs in the market. It’s got a set of speakers on both sides of its headrest, so you’ll have the luxury of enjoying surround sound regardless of wherever you turn. This however isn’t the only thing that the X Rocker Pro Series gaming chair has in store. Make sure you get to the end of this review to find out if it could be one of the Best Gaming Chairs for you, or even the Best Gaming Chair for Kids.

Why We Like It – X Rocker Pro Series H3 4.1 Wireless Audio Gaming Chair

With a weight capacity of up to 275 pounds, the X rocker Pro Series H3 4.1 Wireless Audio Gaming Chair will easily be able to accommodate the weight of a heavy user, and with an integrated music system, you’ll be able to enjoy surround sound as you game. For a seat with wireless bluetooth 2.1 sound, read our X rocker surge review.

  • Integrated surround sound system
  • Maximum Weight Capacity of 275 Pounds
  • Features vibrational motors for a full body sensation
  • No 5 wheel base


The X Rocker Pro gaming chair offers full back support to keep you or your kids comfortable when seated down, and since it’s got an integrated headrest, you’ll easily be able to lean back and rest your neck whenever you feel the need to. Unlike the Vitesse Gaming Chair, the X Rocker Pro doesn’t come with a lumbar cushion. It also doesn’t offer any defined form of lumbar support, so if you’re going to go for it, you might as well make sure that your back is fine. The audio gaming chair is however very well padded, and has a backterest that has an ergonomic design, so your back shouldn’t develop any problems as you sit on it to begin with. For a leather lounging gaming chair, check out the X rocker pro series gaming chair review.


As you might assume when you first lay eyes on it, the X Rocker Pro Series is pretty comfortable to sit on. It’s got a thick layer of padding from the headrest down to the seat, and the seat itself also boasts of a waterfall design, and this is great for blood flow to your legs. The chair obviously lacks an extendable footrest (as you’ll find on the Vitesse Gaming Chair), but it does have armrests, and is capable of folding for easy storage.


This X Rocker Video Gaming Chair is not as easily adjustable as the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair, but if you retrofit a caster wheel base onto its bottom, you might be able to lift or lower the seat height, and that’s about it. You also won’t be able to move its armests up or down, and its headrest also doesn’t come with a cushion like that of the Homall Gaming Chair.


Breathability on any chair that’s made of a PU leather material isn’t really the best, and since the x rocker pro h3 falls under this category, it’s also not any different. You might have to get up every now and then when your back gets too hot. If this is something that you don’t see yourself doing, then perhaps a mesh chair might be worth considering, since airflow remains undisrupted.


The main highlight of the X Rocker Pro Series H3 gaming chair is undoubtedly its sound system, supported by four speakers. The chair has got a wireless receiver and a wireless transmitter built in, so it should be able to send audio from any source with a headset or RCA outputs directly to your gaming chair, or even connect to other gaming systems. On the right side of the seat you’ll spot a control panel that consists of volume and bass controls and jacks. The sound quality of the speakers on the chair is beyond reproach, and with added vibration motors built into the chair, you’ll also be able to feel the chair vibrate in response to game motions.

X Rocker Pro Series H3 4.1 Wireless Audio Gaming Chair Wrap Up

If good sound and comfort is of utmost importance to you, then the X Rocker H3 would be a perfect alternative to go for. It’s very ergonomic, and folds easily for easy storage.

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