X Rocker Pro Series Gaming Chair Review

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Updated December 9, 2022
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What does it take to be the best gaming chair? Your answer will highly depend on your own preferences. For some, it takes a high-quality sound system, leaving them on the hunt for the best gaming chair with speakers. Several chairs out there on the market, including the X Rocker Pro Series Gaming Chair, aim to fulfill gamers’ desire for comfort and immersion. This pedestal gaming chair is cushy and comfy for hours of play, that is, in the right conditions. This isn’t the perfect gaming chair, but it may be just right for you.

Why We Like It – X Rocker Pro Series Gaming Chair

With two speakers and a vibrating subwoofer, the X Rocker Pro Series Gaming Chair is sure to keep you fully immersed in the latest games and movies. Its sleek, modern design is certain to look good in an office, game room, or home theater. You can also check out a recliner-style option from them with our X Rocker 0717301 Premier 2.1 wireless bluetooth stereo sound recliner review.

  • Cushiony seat and back
  • Front-facing dual speakers
  • Durable PU leather with high-quality stitching
  • Non Adjustable headrest and armrests
  • Outdated audio connections


At first glance, the X Rocker Pro Series Gaming Chair looks comfortable and ergonomically designed to make hours-long gaming sessions a breeze. While many reviewers found this true for a time, most discovered that any support in the seat cushion was gone after only a few months of use. Others claim that this pedestal gaming chair offers poor lower back support because of the non-adjustable headrest pillow and overall seat design. If you’re looking for a game chair that provides stellar support for your entire body, consider the Gtracing Gaming Chair instead. Browsing for another seat with an advanced audio system? The X Rocker Pro Series H3 review discusses a seat with 4.1 high-tech audio and wireless capacity. Before you ask, “how do I connect my gaming chair to a TV,” check out our guide for a helpful walkthrough.


Discomfort can put a real hamper on an otherwise incredible gaming experience, and reviewers are in disagreement over how comfortable this X Rocker Gaming Chair actually is. Aside from the lack of lower back support some reviewers had, the cushiony back is nigh-unanimously praised, but the seat is not as well-liked. Because the seat isn’t very supportive and the cushion tends to degrade quickly over time, many note that the seat’s support bar can be felt through the cushion, leaving their legs in massive discomfort. For several others, the armrests are another problem area: they aren’t padded and grow tiresome after only a few minutes. It seems safe to say that this chair looks comfier than it actually feels. Check out our X Rocker 51491 extreme III 2 0 gaming rocker chair with audio system review for a rocker better suited for smaller individuals. For a vibrating floor seat with a headrest, click the X Rocker Surge review.


There isn’t much space for adjustments in the X Rocker Pro Series Gaming Chair. This chair offers a bit more adjustability than the similar X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair, but that’s a low bar to meet. Here, any recline is limited to rocking back on the pedestal base, which will more than likely require an ottoman or other footrest. The armrests are completely non-adjustable, as is the aforementioned headrest, so anyone that doesn’t fit quite right in the chair is likely to get uncomfortable before long. Read our OHAHO gaming chair racing-style office chair review for a more adjustable chair


Most reviewers praise the X Rocker Pro Series Gaming Chair’s PU leather exterior for its durability and high-quality stitching. What they don’t praise, though, is its breathability. Reviewers are quick to point out that this fabric generates a higher amount of heat and sweat than a more cloth-like alternative like that in our Cohesion XP 2.1 gaming chair review. Users in warmer climates may find this uncomfortable for long gaming sessions. Faux leather is also notorious for sticking to skin, especially in the heat, so users will likely have a better experience while wearing long pants and sleeves.


At $250 with free shipping, the X Rocker Pro Series Gaming Chair sits on the higher end of the price spectrum for high-quality gaming chairs, which manufacturer Ace Bayou justifies with the inclusion of two speakers and a vibrating subwoofer. The sound quality is decent, all things considered, and both sound and vibration can be controlled through an inconspicuous control panel. A problem arises when considering when this chair’s audio components were made versus when you’re actually buying it. Several reviewers bring up this fact by pointing out that any modern audio connection like HDMI will need various adapters to hook up to the chair’s RCA hookups. So, be prepared to spend more on dongles if you want to use the dual-speaker setup here. And don’t forget you can learn how to hook up a gaming chair to a laptop to get more out of your chair’s speakers.  If you do have an issue with the sound, however, you can check out our guide on how to fix gaming chair speakers and see if that will solve it. However, check out our Morceo high-back folding floor gaming chair review for a much more budget-friendly option without speakers. Additionally, you can read The Crew classic video rocker review for a budget floor chair option.

X Rocker Pro Series Gaming Chair Wrap Up

There’s no such thing as the perfect gaming chair, and what might have been great at one time could be looked on less favorably now. So seems to be the case with the X Rocker Pro Series Gaming Chair, and the outdated RCA connections demonstrate this perfectly. Other than this, common complaints about this chair include its poor durability and non-adjustable components. Generally, though, reviewers did praise the X Rocker for the relatively high sound quality from the two speakers, the cushiony seat and back, and the durable faux-leather exterior. This pretty good chair is probably best bought when it’s on sale. Although, it if ever gives you any trouble or is damaged, read our guide on how to dispose of gaming chair with speaker. However, if you know how to maintain gaming chair, you may be able to prevent some damage.

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