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Different people look for different things when picking out the perfect gaming chair. There are those who look out for versatility, and there are those that place a premium on comfort. Fortunately, the X Rocker Pro H3 seems to have just a bit of both, making it one of the few chairs you should consider, especially if you’re only looking through nothing but the best gaming chairs available in the market. It’s also got a few qualities that warrant some consideration, especially if you’re shopping for the best console gaming chair or great floor gaming chair you can find. Care to find out what some of these qualities are? Make sure you get to the end of this review.

Why We Like It – X Rocker Pro H3

The X Rocker Pro H3 is an audio gaming chair that offers superb sound quality and is very easy to connect to different gaming systems. The chair also folds right in the middle for easy storage and is ergonomically designed to offer full back support.

  • Integrated audio system
  • Integrated headrest & foldable armrests
  • Can be fixed to a 5-star wheel base
  • No padding/adjustability on armrests


The X Rocker Pro gaming chair doesn’t have any advanced forms of lumbar support, but it’s still got an edge over the Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair since it’s got an integrated headrest and adjustable armrests. The chair, however, does not feature a 5-star wheelbase (as you’d see on a typical office chair). You could also be interested to read our X Rocker Deluxe Mesh review. If you need a rocker-style chair for smaller children, check out our Soft floor rocker chair review.


As you should be able to notice at first blush, the padding on the X rocker pro H3 is pretty thick, and this makes it a very comfortable chair to sit on. The pro h3 chair does also have a rocking ability, so you’ll easily be able to rock back and forth on it to relax, and with a waterfall seat design, you’ll be less likely to get tired since blood will easily be able to flow down to your legs. Our X Rocker Pro Series gaming chair review describes a relaxing seat ideal for watching movies, reading and watching video games. It is an all-purpose pedestal gaming chair that offers a complete media experience. If you prefer a more lounging-type seat, read our Serta gaming chair review.


Unlike most gaming chairs, there’s not really much on the X Rocker pro series h3 chair to adjust, so if you’re looking to use a chair whose seat height, or reclining ability you’d want to be able to configure, then the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair would be worth considering. In spite of this, the X Rocker Pro Series chair has adjustable armrests, so you’ll be able to lift them up and down as you wish. However, check out our Waytrim floor lounger review for an option with 6 positions of adjustability.


There’s not much in terms of breathability that we can mention about the x rocker pro series gaming chair, because its material isn’t really the best to keep you cool whenever you’re seated down on the chair for long hours. It doesn’t have any air vents like the Homall Gaming Chair, so if this is something you can deal with, then the chair would be a perfect option for you.


The one thing that makes the X Rocker Pro H3 a great option for a gaming chair is how well an audio system has been integrated into it. The chair has got a total of 4 speakers, and they’re all supplemented with one subwoofer. The chair has its own surround sound system and a couple of input and output jacks that you can use to plug in a music source.

X Rocker Pro H3 Wrap Up

Although the X Rocker H3 doesn’t come with a five-star base, you’ll still have the option to fix it to one if you don’t want to sit on the floor. This is an option that most gaming or office chairs can’t offer, and it is one of the things that make the Pro H3 a really worthwhile chair to consider buying.

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