X Rocker is a brand that builds its gaming chairs with two things in mind – audio and comfort. Take a look at our gaming chair vs office chair review if you’re not sure which is best for your space. Or, if you’re looking for your kid’s first gaming chair, take a look at the Playseat America Playseat rookie for Wii review. The X Rocker 51396 follows through with this standard, as it comes fitted with a 2.1 speaker setup where it has 2 speakers on each side of its headrest, and a subwoofer that makes use of the open space interior within the chair. This lets you not only hear but also feel the sound from your game or movie. The chair also bears an ergonomic design, making it comfortable enough for those marathon gaming sessions. Itching to find out if this X Rocker Pro Series is the best gaming chair you can get in 2020? Time for a gaming chair review. If you like these gaming chairs, you’ll definitely want to also take a look at our HipShotDot First Person Shooter red dot sight attachment review. It’s all about the best gaming accessories.

Why We Like It – X Rocker 51396

The X Rocker Gaming Chair is one of the best gaming chairs you could go for if good comfort and great sound are at the top of your priority list. The chair’s built-in dual-speaker system provides an immersive audio experience, with a wireless transmitter that allows for remote control of your sound. You can compare this to the E-WIN gaming chairs that feature luxury and comfort.

  • Fairly priced
  • Built-in speakers
  • Lightweight
  • Limited reclining ability


Despite not being a bucket seat like the DXRacer Formula Series (Newedge Edition), the X Rocker Pro Series does come with bucket loads of comfort, and a pro series pedestal that has a wide range of tilt and swivel adjustments for you to find the perfect seating position. Its two speakers at the back of its headrest eliminate the need for a surround sound system, and its wireless receiver allows you to have any bluetooth enabled device as your audio source. The X Rocker Pro may not be the best choice for an office chair, but it sure does raise the bar in terms of audio quality thanks to its AFM (Audio Force Modulation) technology, coupled with its in-built vibration motors that sync with the bass tones for the best full body gaming experiences. And speaking of gaming experiences, the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia racing wheel will make you feel like a real F1 driver. Planning to upgrade your seat to an extremely durable and luxurious racing seat? Read our Vertagear SL4000 review.


Assembling the X Rocker gaming chair is not really that complicated, but you might need a helping hand just so you can get it done a little bit faster. It also only comes in black, unlike the Vertagear Racing Series SL4000 which has different color combinations for you to choose from Out of the box, the chair arrives with the different tools you’re going to need to use to put it together, and a manual with all the instructions you need to follow. It should take you like 30 minutes to set up the video gaming chair, and you also want to make sure you have an extension cable around to place it wherever it would be most convenient. You get a control panel that’s located to the right hand side of its base, and it allows you to control its volume, bass and vibration settings. Next to it is an audio jack for your inputs & outputs. In case you want to get one controller that can recreate the feeling of the arcades, you need to read our X arcade usb dual joystick review.


For less than $300, you get a gaming chair that comes with excellent sound quality and a synthetic PU Leather material that makes it very easy to clean. You can also use it as a massage chair to relax when you’re stressed out thanks to its vibrating feature, or add it to your multimedia room to get as close as you can to duplicating a cinematic movie experience – it’s all up to you.

X Rocker 51396 Wrap Up

If you’re still 50-50 about whether or not to get this X Rocker Pro gaming chair, the next time you’re on Amazon com, make sure to search for it and find out what other first time buyers had to say about it. We guarantee that you’ll be impressed.

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