X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chai Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

When you hear the words “gaming chair,” your immediate thoughts might go to the standard racing-style office chair PC gamers use, the Best Gaming Chairs for you might look a little bit different. The best for you could be the Best Reclining Gaming Chair, or maybe you’ll want the Best Gaming Chair with Speakers. The X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair is a floor rocker with built-in speakers that offers a comfortable and immersive gaming experience, but it isn’t without its flaws, too.

Why We Like It – X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chai

The X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair proves that having limited space at home shouldn’t limit how comfy you can be playing your favorite video games. This easy-to-store floor rocker is comfortable and requires no setup, so you can get to gaming right away.

  • Foldable for easy storage
  • No setup required
  • Plush and comfy
  • No physical modern audio connections
  • Inconsistent sound quality
  • Less versatile than a desk/gaming chair


There are times where sitting on the ground to play your favorite console is the way to go: nothing beats the nostalgic feeling of setting up right next to your TV. Any positivity about this setup, though, goes completely out the window after your back and neck start to ache from the lack of any real support on the ground. The X Rocker Pro Series H3 Gaming Chair aims to solve that problem, with mixed results. Several reviewers found the chair excellently supported them during an hours-long gaming session, while others found the chair a bit lacking. Of these, some complain that the seat itself isn’t large enough to accommodate taller people, leaving them with little support. For others, the chair was well-padded enough to support them initially, but after a few months of use, the interior structure could be felt, resulting in a less-than-ideal experience. Take some time and explore the lumbar and neck support for long gaming hours in the seat described in our X rocker 51491 extreme iii 2 0 gaming rocker chair with audio system review.


Gaming chairs like the X Rocker are typically comfy right out of the box, and this chair is no exception. Early reviewers of the chair found it plush and easy to sit in for hours at a time without issue. Of course, some people might find it difficult and uncomfortable to get into and out of this chair, so consider how much you actually want to sit this low to the ground. If sitting low is a problem, the Gtracing Gaming Chair is an alternative recliner with integrated speakers that’s almost $100 cheaper. For maximum comfort, you need a seat covered with breathable waterproof cotton and linen. In addition, the side bag and cup holder on a seat makes the leisure time worthwhile. For more details, read our Waytrim summer indoor chaise lounge review.


One major downside to floor rockers like the X Rocker Pro Series H3 Wireless Gaming Chair is their typical lack of adjustability. Unlike desk chairs like the Homall Gaming Chair and the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair, the X Rocker can’t be adjusted to fit your body specifically. The headrest is static, as is the neck pillow, and the armrests also can’t be moved, which is sure to be frustrating when trying to adjust anything via the control panel on the chair’s side. On the more positive side, this chair does fold for easier storage, making it an ideal choice for anyone short on extra room.


Faux leather is more-or-less the standard when it comes to gaming chair exteriors, and the X Rocker is no different. While this material is arguably more durable and easier to clean than its fabric counterparts, it’s not always the most comfortable thing to sit on. This chair hosts the usual cadre of problems posed by faux leather seats: poor breathability, excess heat and sweat production, and stickiness. People in hotter climates especially might not enjoy this chair for that reason alone, so it’s important to consider how you normally feel about sitting on faux leather before going with this chair.


For a floor gaming rocker, the X Rocker Pro H3 is on the expensive side. The chair is advertised as an “audio gaming chair” because of the integration of speakers that offer 4.1 surround sound. For some reviewers, this feature is awesome and really makes the chair worth it, but others found it more gimmicky and not worth the money. The sound quality can be somewhat hit-or-miss, particularly when using the wireless Bluetooth transmitter. Another of this chair’s selling points–being a floor rocker–is also a potential detriment to its overall value. Unlike the majority of gaming chairs in this price range, this one isn’t nearly as versatile because it sits on the ground and is thus limited in its usefulness.

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair Wrap Up

Spending $250–even with free shipping–on a floor rocker feels like a bit more of a gamble than spending that money on a computer desk gaming chair: you’re limited to sitting low to the ground, and there aren’t nearly the adjustability options vital to finding the most comfortable position. One thing that sets the X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair apart is the integrated 4.1 surround sound system; however, some reviewers found this was little more than a gimmick. External sources can only be connected via a headphone jack or a detachable Bluetooth dongle, so anyone hoping to get the best sound quality out of these speakers will be sorely disappointed. On the other hand, the chair is plush and comfortable, and it can be used immediately out of the box. When you’re done using it, the X Rocker folds up for easy storage, so it’ll be especially popular among people with less space at home.

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