X Rocker 0717301 Premier 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Sound Recliner Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

If you’re planning on going out on your search for the Best Gaming Chair, you’re more than likely on a quest for comfort. What the Best Gaming Chair with Speakers can give you, though, is much more than that. Chairs with two speakers and a vibrating subwoofer are meant to both comfort and immerse, and the X Rocker 0717 Premier 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Sound Recliner aims to do just that. Unfortunately, customer reviews tend not to look on this chair too kindly, suggesting the X Rocker might be more of a headache than much else.

Why We Like It – X Rocker 0717301 Premier 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Sound Recliner

The X Rocker 0717301 Premier 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Sound Recliner packs in some of the best features when it comes to comfort and style. When it’s working, this chair is extremely comfortable for any hours-long gaming sessions or movie watching marathons.

  • Sleek faux-leather/suede combo exterior
  • Vibrating subwoofer and dual speakers for better immersion
  • Integrated cupholders
  • Poor quality frame warps easily
  • Tends to get stuck in reclined position


On first glance, the X Rocker looks as if it should be the pinnacle of comfort and support. More akin to home theater seating than a traditional gaming chair like the Gtracing Gaming Chair, this recliner has armrests, cupholders, vibrating subwoofer, footrest, black faux-leather and suede, two speakers, and is reclineable. From this description, the X Rocker sounds like an excellent buy; however, several customer reviews found this chair broke after very little usage. While the manufacturer, Ace Bayou Corp, touts this chair as having a weight limit of 275 pounds, reviewers well under that report broken and or warped frames. If you prefer a seat with lumbar support, breathable microfiber mesh, padded arm rests, and a speaker system, go for our X rocker deluxe mesh review.


In the apparent time that the X Rocker Stereo Sound Recliner Dual Audio Foldable Gaming Chair is functional, reviewers found it quite enjoyable to sit in. The chair is plush and cozy, especially when it’s reclined and the footrest is extended. Unfortunately, this doesn’t last long: if and/or when the frame breaks or warps, the chair gets stuck in the reclined position. Not only does this make getting up uncomfortable, it more or less renders the chair unusable. Seemingly, the X Rocker is neither comfortable for your body or your wallet. What about a video game rocker chair with an innovative speaker system? Open our X rocker 51491 extreme iii 2 0 gaming rocker chair with audio system review.


Like any other recliner, the X Rocker 0717301 Premier 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Sound Recliner can’t be adjusted the way a typical gaming or office chair can. Plus, reclining this chair seems like it might ultimately be a losing battle. This chair is advertised as “foldable,” which is nice in chairs like the X Rocker Pro Series Gaming Chair, but feels mostly pointless here. Even though the X Rocker recliner is foldable, it’s still a large, 35.04” L x 29.92” W x 38.58” H chair that you aren’t going to be able to shove in a corner any time soon. If your short on space, something like the Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair is a far better option.


Reviewers don’t mention much about the faux-leather and suede exterior on the X Rocker recliner, maybe because so few have actually been able to sit it in for a long enough period of time. Looks-wise, the faux-leather/suede combo is stylish and sleek: this chair would look good in any home theater setting. The combination fabric is more-than-likely to generate heat and cause excess sweating in warmer climates, so anyone considering this or any other faux-leather chair will want to factor in how comfortable they normally are on a faux-leather seat.


Few reviewers had much nice to say about this chair, which doesn’t look good when your spending over $300. It seems X Rocker packed in a lot of sought-after features like the vibrating subwoofer and integrated speakers without considering how the chair would actually support anyone’s weight. It’s clear this chair isn’t worth the money or hassle, especially considering you can find a chair that’s a lot less of a headache for a much lower price.

X Rocker 0717301 Premier 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Sound Recliner Wrap Up

On paper, the X Rocker 0717301 Premier 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Sound Recliner seems like it should be the perfect chair for gaming, watching shows, and just general lounging around. The chair looks great, and awesome features like the two speakers, vibrating subwoofer, and cupholders all make it an enticing buy. Unfortunately, any awesomeness is quickly tampered by the fact that, for most reviewers, this chair was barely functional after only a few months of use. Save that $340 and spend less on a better, sturdier chair.

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