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With the decreasing levels of air cleanliness that we are subjected to everyday, it makes a lot of sense to have an efficient air purifier both in your house and in your car, especially if you happen to be dealing with any respiratory conditions, or you’re allergic to dust. The Wynd Plus Smart portable air purifier is an example of a unit that you’ll actually be able to use both in your home and your car. It’s pretty easy to handle, and although it might not be the Best Air Purifier in the market, it’s got more than enough features to be considered the Best Car Air Purifier for the normal user.

Why We Like It – Wynd Plus Smart Personal Air Purifier

With a room coverage of about 100 square feet, an air quality tracker, a medical grade filter and its very own battery, the Wynd Plus Smart Personal Air Purifier is a reliable, well built unit that is easy to carry around, and connects to your phone to give you data about the air around.

  • Battery Powered, and therefore portable
  • Has an air quality sensor
  • Supports WiFi control through the Wynd App
  • No Carbon/HEPA filter


At slightly less than a pound, the Wynd air purifier is largely light weight, so you’ll definitely be able to move around with it without any hassle. Instead of using the typical HEPA filter that you might come across on the Iqaim Atem Car air freshener, the Wynd plus smart personal air purifier relies on a medical grade filter, as well as anti-microbial silver to trap any unwanted particles in the air, and also destroy any germs that it captures.


The Wynd plus smart personal air purifier works pretty fast to get rid of pollutants in the air. It will take only 15 minutes for you to notice an increase in air quality once you have it on, making it a perfect, fast acting solution that’ll make sure you get to enjoy clean air in your personal space. The smart personal air purifier is able to cater pretty well to an area of about 100 square feet, and unlike the PHILIPS GoPure Compact 200, it happens to be battery powered, so you won’t have to have it connected to a power source for it to function.


There’s no carbon filter on the Wynd Plus smart personal air purifier, so it’s not as efficient in dealing with bad odours as most filters are, but through its use of anti-microbial silver, it will be able to kill most germs and bacteria instead of just filtering them out from the air. This makes it a lot different compared to ionizers such as the Pure Car Air Purifier, which releases negative ions that attach to the smoke, dust, pollen or spores, and cause them to fall from the air instead of killing them.


Like most air purifiers, the air purifier Wynd is backed by a 1 year warranty, so should you come across any problems with it during the first year of use, feel free to reach out to the manufacturer for any assistance. The medical grade filter on the unit also lasts about 3 to 6 months, so you might want to keep track of that so that you’re able to replace them on time, and maintain optimum performance.


Thanks to the Wynd air quality tracker, you’ll always have a good idea of the quality of the air that you’re using in real time, but to get this, you would have to download the Wynd app on to your phone and have it properly connected to the unit. If you so wish, you could also choose to have the unit operate on Auto Mode, and in so doing, it’ll use the data gathered from the air quality sensor to determine at what speed and efficiency it should run on.

Wynd Plus Smart Personal Air Purifier Wrap Up

Available in both the color white and black, the Wynd Plus Smart Personal Air Purifier is a sure bet that’ll trap any dust, pollen, pet dander, bacteria and even industrial pollution particulates so that you’ll be able to breath in clean air that is safe and pure of any harmful elements.

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