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88 Expert Rating

If you’re looking for a sharp, precision forged knife, the Wusthof Ikon knife is a strong contender and follows in the footsteps of the classic line. If you compare the Wusthof Classic vs the Ikon range, the main differences are the full bolster on the classic line, and a half bolster on the Ikon knife. The Ikon knife is also a legend and has made it onto our best chef knife list. You should also complete your knife set by reading our review of the SpreadThat butter knife.

Why We Like It – Wusthof Ikon

The Wusthof Classic Ikon is a high-carbon stainless steel kitchen knife that’s very sharp and holds its edge well. Wusthof knives are known for their high quality precision edge and long-term durability.

  • Very Sharp
  • Very Durable
  • Versatile
  • Boring design
  • Might be too thick for some tasks
  • The handle can be uncomfortable for some people


If you want a sharp edge Wusthof Classic knives have an excellent reputation. When comparing them vs Ikon knives, the blades are the same. Just like the Classic Wusthof, the Ikon Classic uses Precision Edge Technology to make it 20% sharper and to hold its edge for longer. This utility knife can be used on both meat and vegetables and is ideal for slicing, mincing, and chopping. This Wusthof knife has an ergonomic handle for easier grip and has a hefty weight to assist with cutting. The Wusthof knife lines have excellent quality and can rival the Shun Classic 10-inch knife.

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One of the biggest differences when comparing the Classic vs Ikon kitchen knives is the handles. The Classic Wusthof features a Polyoxymethylene handle, while the Classic Ikon uses African Blackwood. Both are made in Solingen Germany and are made of high-carbon stainless steel with a full tang. The knife blade of both the Classic knives and Ikon range are forged knives. This means that they are much stronger and less flexible than cheaper stamped knives such as the Victorinox Fibrox. The Ikon has an excellent design that perfectly compliments the paring knife and santoku knife on your knife block.


Considering the quality of the Wusthof Ikon, it’s well worth the money. You even have the option of further savings by getting a complete block set or knife set. The knife sets are more practical for traveling as many come in a convenient carry case. When you compare the value of the Classic vs the Ikon range, they are both very similar. Both ranges have the same sharpness and are made from the same premium materials. Wusthof knives are also durable just like the Mac Knife Hollow Edge.

Wusthof Ikon Wrap Up

The Wusthof Ikon continues the company’s tradition of producing high-end cutlery that’s tested to the most stringent standards. The company hasn’t changed the design of the blade for many years because they stick to what works. This tried and tested knife should last for many years and through many delicious meals.