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The Best Router options don’t always have to be big and bulky. The WR902AC AC750 wireless dual band router is the prime example of a great router that is portable. It’s so good for its price that it might even be regarded as the Best Travel Router for some people.

Why We Like It – WR902AC

The WR902AC AC750 router is one of the better travel routers available in the market. And the main reason for that is, the AC750 wireless router sports a dual band Wi Fi network, something that is rare to find on portable travel routers at this price. And the performance is good too, all things considered.

  • Physical switch for switching between the Client Mode, Hotspot Mode, and Range Extender Mode
  • Two USB ports
  • Dual band Wi Fi network
  • 100 Mbps ethernet port
  • Slow web UI


The TP Link TL WR902AC AC750 wireless router performs pretty well, but not as good as something like the GL.iNet GL-AR750S. It supports up to 300 Mbps data transfer speed over Wi Fi and also manages to provide a 100 Mbps ethernet port.


The range of the TP Link AC750 is actually pretty good. Yes, it doesn’t have an external antenna like the GL.iNET GL-AR150. But the range of the travel router TL WR902AC is even better, good enough to fill up an entire hotel room. Also, you can check out the Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000, if you want a simple router that can connect up to 50 devices.


Well, it’s a cheap router. And the build quality definitely reflects that. The build quality is not as good as the GL.iNet GL-E750, but it’s not terrible either. The only thing that’s a bit of a shame is, it comes with a micro USB port. A type C port would’ve been nice to see.

Ease Of Use

On this router TP Link provides their same old web UI, which is extremely slow. Even though it hangs quite a bit, and you have to reach for the reset button often, it’s actually pretty easy to get around. Tp Link’s web UI has always historically been one of the easier ones to manage, despite being really slow and unoptimized.


The TP Link TL WR902AC AC750 wireless router provides a great user experience despite its small form factor. And if you prefer a wired connection, it also gives users the flexibility to connect their devices using an ethernet cable. So, the TL WR902AC AC750 wireless router is worth the money.

WR902AC Wrap Up

You’d be hard-pressed to find a dual band Wi Fi router as good as the WR902AC below 40 bucks. That’s why, if you are looking for a budget travel router, you can go for this one with your eyes closed.

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