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Updated June 27, 2022
90 Expert Rating

The WowWee Miposaur is just a bundle of engineering and technological goodness rolled into one little package. There are some missteps, specifically when it comes to control, but the overall plethora of control options means you can just disregard it. Check out our list of best robot toys for kids to learn more and choose the right robot!

Why We Like It – Michael Iaboni

The WoWee Miposaur is a fun robot dinosaur for any kid or tech enthusiast. It has functions and controls galore, a lot of character (it’ll just start roaming by itself if it gets annoyed about you taking too long to give it commands or look up instructions), and is fully controllable via the included app. If you’re looking for an MMO stress test have a look at our review on the Elder scrolls online stress test = requesting character load.

  • Plethora of control options
  • LED light tells you its mood
  • Can battle two Miposaurs
  • Hand gestures are a hit and miss
  • Isn’t trying hard to look like a dinosaur
  • No replacement parts offered


The WoWee Miposaur robot dinosaur can be controlled via hand gestures, the included ball, or via the miposaur app available for both iOS and Android. Or it can explore its surroundings by itself, and more than happy to do so. It’ll bump into things, naturally, but it’s fun watching it learn the layout of your house, and eventually it won’t bump into anything. The hand gestures are hit and miss most of the time, which is unfortunate, but the app and ball control like a dream. Try the Really RAD Robot Toy for Kids if learning robots aren’t really your cup of tea.


The WowWee Miposaur isn’t exactly trying hard to resemble the dinosaur that it’s supposed to be, which is unfortunate, but it does look dinosaur-ish, just not Jurassic Park level. You could probably make money redesigning it to look more real. Try the Top Race Robot Dog for kids if you want something more life-like. On its back is an LED that changes colour depending on the Miposaur’s mood. Orange for excited, blue for curious, and red for annoyed. On the bottom is where the batteries go, and not only do they last a while, they are protected by heavy-duty crosshead screws so they have virtually no chance of falling out. Get another great child’s toy by reading our Remote Control Robot Toy review.


The WowWee Miposaur currently retails on for $150.00. If you’re on a budget but still want a fun robot toy, please try the Sikaye RC Robot Toy for Kids. Unfortunately, WowWee does not offer replacement parts for the Miposaur, so you have to be extra careful when you’re playing with it. If you have two Miposaurs they can battle each other, which is really cool, but it can become very hard to control for some reason even if there are two of you each controlling a Miposaur. Find another great toy with our LEGO Mindstorms EV3 31313 review.

Michael Iaboni Wrap Up

If you pretend that the Miposaur just doesn’t respond to hand gestures, because you won’t be using them very often because they’re unreliable, then the Miposaur is a great little toy that will marvel both children and adults alike. It offers a ton of interaction for the money and the other control options work like a dream.

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