WOW Stuff Arachnid Robot Toy looks Bad Ass (video)


Laying claim to the “greatest toy in the universe” is cocky to say the least.  But, at the very least, you know that they have to be on to something, right?  Late last week, WOW Stuff released information and a few videos regarding their latest toy.  The reason we haven’t told you the name yet is because they haven’t come up with one.  In fact, they want you, yes you, to submit your ideas to their website.  And while this may sound like a gimmicky approach to promoting their latest product, the toy itself looks totes legit.


The arachnid inspired toy is controlled using a game pad remote control.  With it you can walk the robotic toy in any direction you see fit and, wait for it, fire whatever weapon attachment you have adorned to its head.  Weapons you say?  Yes sir.  They’ve got plans for a foam dart firing weapon, a ping pong ball launcher and probably a myriad of add-ons that will help you take out your foes.  And speaking of foes, they’ve also got plans for explosive armor that automatically detaches when a direct hit is made, allowing you to actually keep score when you are pitted against friends in a battle to the death.

WOW Stuff hasn’t said when and how much, but since it’s still in prototype mode (and unnamed), we can only assume they’re aiming for the holidays.

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