WORX WX254L Screwdriver Automatically Loads Drills Bits Like Bullets in A Magazine

Modular tools appears to be a fast growing trend.  Case in point is the Black and Decker Matrix Tool, which allows you hot swap out different tools in addition to the included screw driver attachment.  Furthering that list is the WORX WX254L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver.

Much like a revolver, as in the gun, this screwdriver contains a barrel of screwdriver drill bits fit for any job.  But instead of reaching into the toolbox or to the handle, the bits are built-in to the screwdriver’s head.  To switch to a new bit you simply cock back the slide, rotate the barrel according to the bit of choice, and release.  The drill bit is automatically loaded into the head of the screwdriver.  No tightening, rotating or searching for bit.

In theory you should be able to get jobs done quicker, and with less hassle, especially if the Ikea whatever you’re assembling calls for a variety of bits.  The WORX WX254L SD isn’t designed for the professional contractor, but should suffice for those DIY jobs around the house thanks to a 4V battery (stays charged for 18 months) and an LED light that illuminates when you pull its trigger.

Amazon sells it for $50.  Expect it to ship December 5th.

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