Just because we’re part of the LEGO devotee fan club doesn’t mean we’re spend insane amounts of cash on something like a solid gold LEGO brick. Made from 14-caret gold, the brick is selling for a whopping $14,500.The standard-size 2×4 LEgO Brick were actually only given out to select business partners once or twice a year from 1979-1981, and even a few LEGO employees who celebrated 25 years or more with the company got their hands on some of these rare bricks. But now, anyone with that much cash and conviction to own one can thanks to the Internet since these bricks aren’t just for LEGO employees or executives anymore.

Brick Envy has found one golden LEGO brick that they’ve put up for sale, with the origins or background on the rare piece a mystery that probably the best Clue players couldn’t solve. The gold brick comes in its original display box which features the LEGO logo of the time that it was given out, with the site mentioning that the  box itself is plastic and has a minor amount of storage wear on it.



Kristie Bertucci

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