Wooting two HE Review

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Updated December 20, 2022
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The Wooting two HE is a premium wired gaming keyboard that will be released in late 2022. The full-size keyboard has excellent build quality courtesy of its PBT keycaps and solid aluminum top plate. It also features RGB backlighting, and each key is individually backlit.

The Wooting two HE has an incredibly low latency of 1.3ms, which is lower than some of the best keyboards on the market. It also rivals the latency of some of the highest-rated gaming keyboards around. In terms of ergonomics, it has one incline setting, but owners can opt to purchase a wrist rest should they want to improve their comfort. Doing this will likely have it take up even more desk space since, as a full-size keyboard, it is pretty large, measuring 17.6 by 5.9 inches.

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Reasons to Buy

  • Customizable key switches
  • Outstandingly low latency
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Macro-programmable keys
  • Easy-to-use software

Reasons to Not

  • No wrist rest included
  • No wireless connectivity

Market Context

Current Model vs. Previous Model: There’s not much that separates the Wooting two HE from the Wooting One, even though the Wooting two HE is the upgraded version of the Wooting One. There are, however, differences, and they are: The Wooting one is a TenKeyLess model, while the Wooting two HE is a full-size keyboard variant; however, the Wooting two HE uses customizable Gateron Lekker Linear60 switches while the Wooting one uses Flaretech Linear55 “Red” switches.

Compared to other brand’s similar models: The Wooting two HE does not have a wrist rest, but the SteelSeries Apex Pro does, and the keycaps on the Wooting two HE is made of PBT plastic, while those on the Apex Pro are made of ABS. Also, the cable on the Wooting two HE is detachable, while the one on the Apex Pro is not.

The key switches on the Wooting two HE is adjustable while those on the Razer Huntsman V2 are not, but the V2 ships with a wrist rest while the two HE does not. The cable on the two HE is also detachable, while the one on the V2 is not.

Critic Consensus

The Wooting two HE had testers quite pleased with the different ways that they could customize and adjust its analog key switches. Top testers from PC Gamer were delighted with the ability to adjust actuation points courtesy of its Gateron Lekker switches. Still, they found it a bit hard to set up its dynamic keystroke feature where they could have the same keypress activate different actions. Product reviewers from Rtings also liked that the key switches supported Analog mode, and during their typing tests, they found that the keyboard was pretty quiet. They were also proud of its super low latency of 1.3ms and found its easy-to-use Wootility software. They liked that all its keys were macro-programmable and were satisfied with its build quality.

Still, the Wooting two HE had a few shortcomings. Testers didn’t like that it did not include a wrist rest like the ZSA Moonlander (which we’ve covered in our ZSA Moonlander review). They were also disappointed with its lack of wireless connectivity.

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