Sesame Smart Lock Reinvents The Key

Keys, in one form or another, have been a part of our lives since we have had houses. It’s hard to imagine life without them, but these days the need for using an actual key to enter our homes is going the way of the dinosaur.

A Smart Lock that streamlines everything

The Sesame Smart Lock reinvents the key so that you don’t need it at all. That’s a good thing because we already have enough to carry. We typically always have three things on us at all times: Our keys, our wallets, and a smartphone. But now since your smartphone is your key, your load will be lightened.

Sure, there are plenty of other smart locks that you can buy, but the beauty of Sesame is that it is probably the easiest to use. The app isn’t confusing, your door can be locked or unlocked quickly and effortlessly, and it installs in seconds.

Sesame fits right over your deadbolt and fits any deadbolt latch anywhere in the world, and this is what turns your lock into a smart lock that your phone can control. You can even approach your door with your phone in your pocket, then simply knock on your phone and your door is unlocked as you approach.

With the optional wi-fi access point, Sesame is always on your home network and is linked to the access point. This keeps it connected while helping with battery life. If you need to let other people into your home, that’s not a problem either. Like other smart locks on the market, it allows you to choose who gets access and who doesn’t. No matter who you let in, you’ll get notifications every time your lock opens and closes. It is the perfect compliment to any home security system.

Sesame Smart Lock Reinvents The Key
Open sesame!

Easy To Install and Secure

Military grade encryption rounds out the feature set and ensures that no one is going to hack your lock. As mentioned, the ease of use is what sets Sesame apart, while still giving you the features that you want in a smart lock. It is both smart and easy for everyone.

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