Woogwin Front Pocket Wallet Keychain Review

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Updated June 28, 2022
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Best Cool Wallets will always mean different things to different people. But if you want to carry around mostly cards at the expense of bills, then maybe narrowing your search to the Best Wallet for Apple Card would trigger more refined results. Enter the excellent Woogwin Front Pocket Wallet Keychain Wallet.

Why We Like It – Woogwin Front Pocket Wallet Keychain

The Woogwin Front Pocket Wallet Keychain sports a slim and elegant design that’s aesthetically pleasing and easy to carry around. But the big draw here is the fantastic RFID-Blocking Technology which ensures your personal information stays safe.

  • Good Color Variety
  • RFID-Blocking Technology
  • Can Hold Cash
  • Can Only Hold 10 Cards


One of the best things about the Woogwin Wallet is that it comes in a vast array of colors ranging from black carbon fiber leather to steal and everything in-between. It’s got even more color variety than the Boshiho Leather Credit Card Holder. Aesthetically, the wallet features a slim yet elegant design with a nice-looking gold keychain.


The Woogin offers three types of leather to choose from lichee leather, crosshatch leather, and oil wax weather, so you can select the one you like depending on your style or how much you want to take care of it. Like the Karlling Organizer Wallet, the Woogin is also very lightweight, weighing only 0.63 ounces.


As you may have already guessed, and just like the Ridge Wallet, the Woogin Wallet sports RFID-Blocking Technology. It’s not a commonplace technology just yet, but it’s fast becoming one. And if it helps stop potential thieves from destroying stealing your information, I welcome it. If you want a wallet that can fit passports and smartphones, try The Mundi Wallets.


Unlike most card cases in its class, the Woogin Wallet can hold at least some cash, which is nice. However, the number of cards it can hold is only 10, and that’s an absolute maximum. The standard card case can hold about 20 cards, so only holding half of that is a pretty big nosedive.


The best thing about the Woogwin Wallet is that it’s only $10.00. We’ve seen wallets with a lot less capability go for a lot more, which makes us wonder what they’re thinking. Customer reviews are positive as well. It holds a respectable 4.5/5 stars over on Amazon based on a plentiful 3,823 reviews.

Woogwin Front Pocket Wallet Keychain Wrap Up

While half of the normal carrying capacity of card cases is drastic and a little upsetting, there’s still plenty to love about the Woogwin Front Pocket Wallet Keychain Wallet. At least now you’ll be able to take some cash with you, and its fantastic color variety can help bring out your personality.

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