Wood Eleven PC

So if you’re unaware, the Thermaltake Level 10 chassis is a behemoth of a PC enclosure, being designed by BMW and weighing in at almost fifty pounds and featuring room for six hard drives, multiple GPUs, and a power supply that could provide electricity for a small town. Oh, and it costs a ton.

Which brings us to its little cousin. Modder Jeffrey Stephenson took inspiration from that chassis when creating his miniature wooden version. I have to say, I think his is much cooler looking, but I love wood design on pretty much anything. This thing isn’t super powerful — it’s got a 1.2GHz VIA Nano CPU, and a VX855 processor — but it does feature HDMI output and 1080p playback. Put this in your living room, and it would definitely liven up the place. Unfortunately, Stephenson isn’t making these officially for sale, but you can always dream.


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