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‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ Gameplay

Back in the day, Wolfenstein 3D was the PC game. It revolutionized PC gaming with its fresh ideas and perspective. And, of course, it paved the way for DOOM. Yes, you write it in all-caps. Because it’s DOOM. Anyway, B.J. is back, and he’s going to kill more Nazis.

Dieselpunk Blues


As you might have guessed, the essential plot of the game is fairly simple: B.J. has been in a coma and being hidden for years, for mysterious reasons we’re sure the game’s plot will get into. In the meantime, the Nazis managed to take over the entire world and are now basically attacking everybody with giant robots and mutant cyborg dogs, because this is a video game. So, B.J. is back in action and blowing things up.

Go That Way And Shoot Things

It has to be said that the gameplay part of the equation doesn’t get much time in this trailer, really. We do see some gameplay footage, but it’s lacking a HUD or any fresh mechanics the game might happen to feature. Largely the changes seem to be in terms of setting; while the 2009 game Wolfenstein was largely about mystical happenings in a small German town, Wolfenstein: The New Order seems to be going for more of a pulpy SF vibe, with Nazi mechs and the like. Sorry, fans, no Thule medallion for you, or at least not that we’ve seen just yet.

Boom Boom Boom Boom


That said, though, we have to admit that this game looks quite pretty as you run around, blowing things up and generally giving the Third Reich what-for. And it’s hard to complain about any game that makes an effort to just be straightforward fun. That said, we really hope some of the weapons from the last game are lying around. It’s just too much fun to cancel out gravity.

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