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Air purification is something that you should be able to count on especially if you live in the city and the air in your apartment is heavily polluted by smoke, or if you’ve got a lot of pets at home that tend to release a lot of bad odour. It’s something that you might also need if you tend to have any kind of mild respiratory conditions like asthma, and can be easily triggered by the mildest impurities in the air. The 5500-2 Winix air purifier could be a great option to consider, (although not the best air purifier around) especially since it is manufactured in Korea where the air quality is not so good, and because it relies on plasmawave technology to keep your air clean. Could it be the best air purifier with washable filter for you? Let’s find out.

Why We Like It – Winix Plasmawave 5500

Hands down, the Winix Plasmawave 5500 is one of the best air purifiers in the market. It’s use of carbon filters for odor control, a HEPA filter and plasmawave technology to purify the air is quite robust, but you must be careful enough to get replacement filters every 12 months for proper functioning.

  • 4 stage filtering process
  • Air quality indicator
  • Sleep mode & Auto mode for autonomous functioning
  • Large and bulky in size


The Winix Plasmawave air filter is best suited for a room size that’s up to 360 sq ft, making it far more capable compared to the blueair blue pure 411 air purifier which only works in a room size of between 100 to 170 square feet. It’s also got a comprehensive 4 stage filtration process: In the first stage, the air gets through a washable fine mesh pre filter which eliminates the largest airborne pollutants. It then goes through the washable AOC carbon filter to get rid of any household odors. After going through the carbon filter, it then passes through the True HEPA filter to eliminate any airborne allergens, then lastly, ionization happens courtesy of Winix plasmawave technology to neutralize bacteria and viruses.


Given the 4 filtration stages that the air purifier Winix has, it’s pretty easy to assume that it probably takes up a lot of energy to get things done. While this might be true, there are ways that you can mitigate and reduce this high energy use, and one such way is by running it on sleep mode during night time, or on auto mode so that it uses an air quality sensor to gauge what fan speeds to run on. Unlike the Hamilton beach 04386a air purifier, the unit is actually energy star certified, so you should trust that it won’t spike your electricity bill too much once you start using it.


Being a true Hepa air purifier, the Winix 5500 is definitely assured to rid the air of even the smallest particles, since the True Hepa filter captures allergens as small as 0.3 microns (such as pollen and pet dander). It’s odor reducing activated carbon filter rids the air of all the bad odours that you might’ve been taking in, and with an air quality indicator on the control panel, you’ll always have an idea of how pure the air in your 360 sq ft room is in real time – something you won’t find on the hamilton beach 04386a air purifier.


Like most home appliances, the duration of time that you’re going to be able to use them depends on how well you’re able to maintain and take care of it in the long run. This includes doing things like filter replacement for the activated carbon filter or the HEPA filter whenever it needs to be done. The opportunity to sign up for filter membership is also worth thinking about since the Winix can send you a replacement filter every year. Aside from that, the Winix 5500 also comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty, which is far better than the 1 year warranty that you’ll get with the hamilton beach true air purifier.


With 3 fan speeds to choose from, you’ll be able to decide how fast the fan needs to operate, or just switch it to auto mode for it to decide for itself. It’s also got a light sensor that detects the amount of light in the room, and automatically switches it to night mode when it senses low light levels. The unit also comes with a remote control so that you’re able to control and adjust it from a distance. Aside from all that, the Winix Plasmawave 5500 has a decent Clean Air Delivery Rate, and is AHAM verified, so you shouldn’t have any doubts about it’s efficiency.

Winix Plasmawave 5500 Wrap Up

The Plasma wave technology used by the Winix 5500 is quite unique, and is not something that you can expect to find in most air purifiers. Most of the customer reviews left by customers who purchased the unit are positive in nature, so if you have an extra $160 to spare, it wouldn’t be a very bad purchase to make.

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