Winix Air Purifier C535 Review

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Updated January 12, 2023
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The best air purifier cleans your air, eliminates household odors, and is easy to operate. The Winix C535 fits the bill with auto fan speed, a HEPA filter, an allergen remover, a carbon filter, remote control, replacement filters, and sleep mode.

You can enjoy a home rid of mold spores, pet dander, smoke, airborne particles, and other allergens while enjoying the air filters’ white noise and effortless operation. For details on another model, read our Winix 5300 review.


The Winix Air Purifier C535 is easy to use, thanks to the auto feature. While other air purifiers will remain on the speed to choose, the Winix-rated air purifier is smart enough to accommodate how clean or dirty the air is. It will adjust its level of performance based on the number of contaminants in the air. Compare this with another purifier by reading our review titled are HEPA purifiers enough for allergies – as we debunk some HEPA myths.

The system does make some noise, but levels 1 and 2 are relatively quiet. You’ll notice more noise if you turn on level 3, and even with the increased noise of level 4, the clean air is noticeably worth it.

Thanks to the auto-adjustable performance, the Winix doesn’t waste energy cleaning air that’s already clean, but you’ll also be sure to keep up with the cleaning that does need to be done. Change filters out easily every three months by sliding them in and out of the slot. Clean the rest of the unit with a wet cloth.

Alternatively, if you want more info about air purifier filtration, you’ll want to start learning about the pre-filter first.

The Winix C535 can clean rooms as big as 350 square feet, and the real HEPA filter traps particles at 0.3 microns. That includes pollen, mold, odors, smoke, and plenty of other allergens. You can also check out our Winix 5500 review for an air purifier that can clean up to 360 square feet using plasma wave technology.

The fan’s auto feature controls the fan speed and output based on the current air quality, so you don’t have to fiddle with it when it starts running too fast or too slow. That said, sometimes fan speed can affect an air purifier’s effectiveness. In addition to the auto fan speeds, the PlasmaWave feature can filter out things like viruses that other air purifiers can’t.


One of the great things about the Winix C535 is that it doesn’t produce ozone, so you’re safe from high ozone levels, like the Venta Air Waster LW25. If you do choose to adjust the fan speed manually, the buttons are positioned on the front of the unit. The UV-C light component is entirely safe, too. Go through our Winix Plasmawave 5500 review for an air purifier that uses a 4-stage filtration system.

Lights on the front of the unit display air quality so you can make better decisions about how to run your fan. It will indicate when you need to check your filter and will adjust the LED sensors automatically based on the brightness in the room.

The curved edges and neutral colors will blend in with almost any décor, and it looks sleek and modern rather than big and industrial.


The value of the Winix C535 comes from less noise and more effortless operation, not to mention the efficient HEPA filter. You can enjoy clean air with minimal effort, and the sleek design lets you place it anywhere in your home or office. The Clean Air Delivery Rate, or CADR ratings, are genuinely noticeable and it is on par with the award-winning IQAir HealthPro.


For busy people who continuously struggle with the air quality in their homes, the Winix C535 adds a lot of value. Auto mode, sleep mode, and light indicators make everything easy, leaving you to worry about more important things.

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