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Pocket drones aren’t really considered as some of the best drones by a lot of people. But after looking at the price of the Wingsland S6 drone and the features it comes with, most of those people should change their opinion. It can be considered as one of the top contenders for the best selfie drone crown just for the built-in Sony IMX214 4K camera alone.

Why We Like It – WingsLand S6

If you want to experience a professional camera drone for the first time, but don’t want to spend more than $200 on one, the Wingsland S6 pocket drone is a fantastic quadcopter to buy. Not only is it packed to the brim with different features, but the WingsLand S6 drone also comes equipped with an excellent IMX214 4K video camera.

  • Great flight time for the price
  • 13 MP 4K video camera
  • Course lock and home lock modes supported
  • It gets unstable even under a light breeze

Speed & Power

The WingsLand S6 Orange quadcopter isn’t really considered as a racing drone. Still, the top speed it can reach is about 15 miles per hour (~24 KMPH), which is pretty great. But that won’t really cut it for racing drone veterans. In that case, go for the DJI Spark Remote Controlled Drone (~50 KMPH) instead.


This is a drone that connects to your phone directly using WiFi. So obviously, the range is not going to be that great. If high coverage is your main requirement, you should actively avoid this one. Mainly because, even when there’s a faint signal, the 4K video feed might become extremely choppy/laggy over long distances. For extremely high range, you should rather pick up the ZeroTech DOBBY Drone.


Even though the outer shell of the WingsLand S6 Pocket Drone looks like it’s made of cheap plastic, it’s solidly built overall. The propeller hands of the S6 drone are collapsable for easy storage. And there are multiple different accessories too that attach on top of it for more functions.

Camera Features

Unlike the SNAPTAIN S5C, the WingsLand S6 Orange drone comes with a 4K camera sensor built-in. It’s a pretty good Sony IMX214 HDR image sensor (12 megapixels) that is capable of taking extremely sharp photos and videos. And especially with the two lock modes, it can take a very stable 30 FPS video of a moving object, if there’s no wind blowing on the opposite end.


What the WingsLand S6 drone offers for just 200 bucks, no other manufacturers can even come close even with their $300 drones. And if you manage to score free shipping on this thing, the value proposition of this pocket drone becomes even more enticing.

WingsLand S6 Wrap Up

Well, all in all, the WingsLand S6 Orange drone is pretty fantastic for its price. Even professional photographers are going to be impressed by its camera and photo & video processing.

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