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Winegard RV TV Antenna Review

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Updated July 13, 2021
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While looking for the Best TV Antenna for your RV, you must’ve been confused by so many options. Well, you don’t really need the Best RV Antenna to get good performance. Something like the Winegard RV TV Antenna should be more than good enough.

Why We Like It – Winegard RV TV Antenna

TV antennas from the Winegard company have always been excellent. And this Winegard RV TV Antenna is also pretty much the same. The Winegard Sensar IV antenna is one of the better RV antennas available in the market right now.

  • Full set of mounting hardware included
  • Powder-coated for preventing rusts
  • Support for local over the air broadcast HD channels
  • You might need to drill new holes depending on the size


Even though this Winegard Sensar IV antenna is more of a mid range antenna, it can receive all VHF UHF programming available within a 55-mile radius. Obviously, it’s not going to be as good as something like the King Dish Tailgater Pro. Still, it’s pretty good in its price class.

Ease Of Install

Because it comes with a full set of mounting accessories, it is easier to install compared to a lot of other TV antennas (e.g., the Dish Playmaker). And its size is pretty similar to other RV antennas. So, if you’re upgrading your old digital antenna to this one to get HD channels, you don’t even have to drill new holes.


Because every component is powder-coated, the durability of this digital TV antenna is off the charts. Unlike the cheaper Winegard RV Antenna, this one doesn’t rust easily, even under extremely harsh weather conditions. And that makes this Winegard Sensar IV antenna perfect for tailgating.


As we mentioned before, this antenna picks up pretty much all VHF UHF programming available within a 55-mile radius. And when other TV antennas can not provide HD channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and more (as they are not offered by satellite), this one picks them up just fine. For those who are in the market for a long range TV antenna, the ANTOP HD Smart Bar Amplified TV Antenna Review comes with an impressive 80 mile range.


The value aspect of all RV antennas made by the Winegard company deserves praise. And this one is no different. You’d be hard-pressed to find something that can even come close to the performance of this antenna at the same price, let alone beat it at the same price range.

Winegard RV TV Antenna Wrap Up

Overall, the Winegard RV TV Antenna is a top-notch option if you want HD channels being broadcasted right to your RV. It is pretty much worth the money for the VHF UHF programming it offers alone.

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