Best Wine & Bar Accessories in 2023 (May Reviews)

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Whether you’re a casual wine drinker who enjoys a bottle or two every now and then, or an devout oenophile (someone who’s crazy about wine), having the best wine bar accessories on hand can make your hobby or your passion even more enjoyable. To choose our collection of wine-related gear, we spent hours researching a wide range of gadgets and gizmos and narrowed things down to only those items that were useful, attractive and made to last. If you’re looking for more culinary tools, then you need to read our best kitchen products guide.

We chose the wall-mounted wine rack designed by Anna Stay to be our top pick because it delivers a lot of utility in a small space, plus it’s attractive to look at, durable, easy to install, and makes a great gift for a wine-loving friend. Read on to discover more about this unique wine-storage solution as well as other wine accessories options to enhance your wine-drinking pleasure.

Top 7 Best Wine Bar Accessories

#1 Wall-Mounted Wine Rack and Bottle and Glass Holder by Anna Stay


WHY WE LIKE IT: This wall-mounted rack can not only store up to five of your best wine bottles, but it holds four wine glasses and has a compartment to store your favorite corks as well, so it offers a lot of function in a small form factor. Plus it comes with a set of wine charms to keep glasses with their owners at your next party.

  • Best compact wine-storage shelf
  • Easy to install
  • 1-year no-questions warranty
  • Can only hold five bottles
  • Bottles stored upright, not on sides

It’s hard to beat the sheer utility of this all-in-one wine rack from designer Anna Stay. The matte black wire rack made of stainless steel can hold up to five bottles of your favorite wines while the extensions below let you securely hang four wine glasses. Beneath the wine bottle storage shelf is a cage with a door on the side that allows for storage of wine corks, which not only enhances its look, but also allows you to keep a record of your favorite bottles.

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Adding to the value proposition of this wine rack is the fact that it comes with a set of six cork charms that you can slip around the stem of your wine glasses so that your guests can easily identify which one is theirs. The shelving unit also comes with a no-questions-asked one-year warranty. Still, because the rack can only hold five bottles, it’s probably best for casual wine drinkers rather than true aficionados. Also, the rack holds the bottles in an upright position rather than on their sides, as is recommended, so it’s smart to not use it to store very fine vintages.

#2 Oster Electric Wine Opener

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WHY WE LIKE IT: There are almost as many electric wine openers on the market as there are varieties of red. We like this one in particular because it is rechargeable, easy to operate, works fast and isn’t too heavy.

  • Best speed for electric openers
  • One charge opens 30 bottles
  • Excellent hand feel
  • Can’t replace battery when it dies

If you’ve ever broken or shredded a cork while trying to open a bottle of wine, you’ll appreciate the smooth confident way this electric wine opener works. Simply cut off the metal wrapper with the included foil cutter, place the opener atop your bottle, push a button and the cork will zip out. Unlike other machines of this type that require you to hold the bottle with a firm grip to keep it from rotating, this one grips for you, so minimal pressure is required. After the bottle is open, push the button again to release your cork.

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The black and brushed silver look gives this opener a modern vibe that matches its cordless, rechargeable features. (Note though, that when the battery runs out, you’ll have to toss this unit because it can’t be replaced.) This opener has a great handfeel and lasts quite a long time on a single charge without needing to be returned to its base. If you want to compare with what else in on the market, check out this list to find the best electric wine opener for you.

#3 Monogram Metal Wine Cork Holder


WHY WE LIKE IT: These metal letters are durable, easy to hang and they’re each the proper depth to hold dozens of wine corks. It’s hard to imagine a more personalized gift for a wine lover.

  • Most versatile storage solution
  • Perfect depth for wine corks
  • Letters stand or mount on wall
  • Letter “Z” is not available
  • Only comes in one color

Although this doesn’t quite fit into the category of must-have wine accessories, these sturdy and attractive cork-storage letters certainly are nice to have if you’re a wine lover, or know someone who is. Similar wine-cork holder letters often come in a smaller width, which means you need to put a bit of adhesive on the back of your corks before putting them into the frame. These, however, are two-inches thick, so corks fit perfectly.

As gift items for wine lovers go, it would be hard to beat these letters – and the relatively low price means you can get more than one to spell a message or represent someone’s initials. Not only are the letters themselves customizable, but they get even more personal as corks are placed inside, reminding you of bottles you’ve enjoyed. Plus the letter frames can be filled with items other than corks, making them especially versatile. It’s also possible to purchase a frame in the shape of an ampersand (&) or heart, as well as one that simply spells “Wine” – but you’re out of luck if you need the letter Z, as it’s not available. Letters can be placed on a shelf or counter, or mounted on the wall thanks to built-in eyelets. If you prefer whiskey some nights, you might also be interested in some of the best whiskey glasses on the market.

#4 Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer


WHY WE LIKE IT: This affordable little gizmo does the work of hours of decanting in seconds. It’s easy to use, simple to clean and can really make an inexpensive bottle of wine taste above its class.

  • Quickly improves the taste of whites & reds
  • Has a no-drip design
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not preserve wine

You might never have heard of the Bernoulli Effect, but the creators of this acrylic aerating spout certainly have. It has to do with the pressure of a liquid as it flows horizontally and it is applied here to draw air into the wine stream before it hits your glass. Many wines benefit from exposure to air before drinking, because oxygen mixes with the molecules of the wine, rounding out the harsher flavors and enhancing the fruit tones. Oxygenating a wine is akin to ageing it. But if you don’t have the time to leave a bottle open or a decanter in which to pour it before drinking, then this spout gets the job done on the spot.

The device simply inserts into the neck of a wine bottle where it forms a leak-proof seal. When the bottle is tilted to pour, three air holes draw in oxygen to the stream of wine. A flow regulator is built-in, which maximizes the wine’s exposure to air. The end of the spout is designed to prevent drips, and clean up is accomplished with a simple rinse. Because this pourer is designed to bring air into wines, it should be removed and your bottle recorked before storing to avoid spoilage. Use this to transfer your wine from the bottle to your best wine decanter for the perfect glass of wine.

#5 MyGift Modern Copper Stemless Wine Glasses


WHY WE LIKE IT: The partial copper-tone cladding on these stemless wine glasses adds a modern twist to the traditional wine glass. The metal not only looks attractive as it reflects light into the glass, but it also helps warm overly cold wines to a better drinking temperature.

  • Also a great gift no
  • Good for cocktails as well
  • More sturdy than stem glasses
  • Warming feature not ideal for whites
  • Can be fragile

Chief among wine-bar accessories are the glasses you use to enjoy your chardonnays, merlots, zinfandels and chiantis. These stemless versions are clad in a slanted brass sheeting plated with copper for a unique look. Thanks to the way light reflects off of the metal, your wines will take on more depth and allure when poured into these glasses.

Also, because metal heats up faster than glass, the copper-colored sleeve on the glass will help convey the warmth in your hand to the wine. While this can bring an overly chilled red back to the proper temperature for maximum flavor, it might not be a feature white wine drinkers would enjoy, but stemless glasses are generally meant for reds anyway. Because these glasses don’t look very wine specific, they also make a good option for serving cocktails. Either way, you’ll definitely want to look at 10 of the best products to prevent a hangover in the morning.

#6 Magnetic Design Wine Foil Cutter

Award: Best Budget BEST BUDGET

WHY WE LIKE IT: Even though this is the cheapest item on our wine bar accessories list, this two-pack of foil cutters might well become your favorite wine-drinking tool. A sharp blade, comfortable hand feel and magnets for storing make these cutters a must have for any wine enthusiast.

  • And the best foil cutter
  • Magnets make for easy storage
  • Sharp and ergonomic design
  • Only available in one color

While more and more wines are coming with screw caps, there are still plenty of bottles out there with a cork and foil topper. While it’s possible to get the foil off a bottle of wine by prying it off with the tip of the corkscrew or slicing it with a knife, the job is much safer and quicker with a foil cutter.

This set of two cutters from YWQ get high marks for not requiring much squeezing force to cut through the foil as they are clamped and rotated around the top of the bottle. The sharp blades provide a clean cut with no jagged edges, plus the magnets on the bottom let you stick the cutters on any steel surface for easy access. As one of the best cheap wine accessories on our list, these make great little hostess gifts to bring to a gathering, so you might want to order a few two-packs.

#7 hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler


WHY WE LIKE IT: Thanks to its removable and adjustable shelves, this compact beverage refrigerator offers a great way to store your wine along with your other beverages at the ideal temperature. The digital thermostat is a breeze to use, and a built-in LED light inside the cooler lets you see your options without having to open the clear glass door.

  • Also a great beverage fridge
  • Compact size fits under counters
  • Convection fan provides even cooling
  • Not particularly designed for wine
  • Top rack has limited use

When you think about refrigerating wines, you likely think about chilling your whites. But even red wines benefit from being stored at cooler temperatures. In fact it’s generally agreed that reds do best around 55°F. This compact cooler keeps your beverages at exactly the temperature you need thanks to its digital thermometer that works with simple up down arrows. A convection fan keeps cooling even and an LED light can be switched on and off as needed.

The glass front makes it easy to see what you have on hand without opening the door. Shelves can be removed or adjusted as needed and wine bottles can be laid on their side thanks to the cooler’s 17.3-inch depth. Unfortunately, the top shelf gets interference from the cooler’s fan, which limits the storage space at the top. Also, this fridge is great for someone who wants to store a mix of wine and other beverages as opposed to one that is specifically designed for wine. If you want something for wine specifically, take a look at the best wine fridge.

How We Decided

The issue with shopping for wine accessories is that there are a lot of novelty products out there that simply don’t serve a purpose or that are just not well made.

To choose our best wine accessories, we combed through hundreds of options and user reviews and came up with this list of the absolute best modern bar accessories for wine drinkers. In choosing the items for our list, each had to satisfy one of three criteria: it had to be useful, it had to be durable, or it had to look good. If it ticked the mark in all three boxes – as most of the items did here – so much the better.

Wine Bar Accessories FAQs

What are the best wine accessories to buy?

Decorative wine accessories such as the wine shelf and cork-storing letters we feature above are largely a matter of taste, but you’ll want to make sure that anything you choose in this category gets high marks for durability and ease of installation/use. In terms of functional wine accessories, at the very least, you’ll want to have some foil cutters on hand to make removing the metal wrappers on wine bottles safe and easy. An electric bottle opener can be considered more of a luxury item, but in reality, it can help you keep bits of broken cork from falling into your wine as you open it. Finally, if you’re really into ensuring that your wine stays its best while it is stored, a mini-fridge certainly makes sense.

Are there any wine accessories to avoid?

Yes. Because wine is a substance you put into your body, you’ll want to make sure that anything that touches it is free from harmful contaminants. For example, if you were looking for portable plastic wine glasses you’d want to make sure that they were BPA free.

Are there any differences between red and white wine accessories?

The major difference in red and white wine accessories would be the glasses used to drink them. White wine glasses tend to have long stems that let you keep your hands away from the main part of the glass so that you don’t warm it too quickly. Red wine glasses can be stemmed or stemless and usually feature a larger “bowl” that lets you swirl your wine around to release its aromas.

Do I really need an accessory to help my wine “breathe”?

Certainly not. Most wines can be enjoyed right out of the bottle and will improve with just a little bit of time in the glass. But to truly unlock the flavor in any wine, letting some oxygen get into it will soften the tannins in the wine – sometimes bitter and astringent overtones mostly prevalent in young wines. By pouring your wine into a decanter or using an instant aerator like the one above, you perform sort of an instant aging process that mellows the wine while also bringing out more of its complexity.

Is there free shipping?

If you’re looking to buy some of these wine accessories for a friend or a loved one whose overseas you would have to pay the required Amazon shipping fee or register a business account for quality discounts and free shipping.

Latest Wine & Bar Accessories in 2023 (May Reviews) Reviews & Buying Guides