Windows Surface RT Price Cut as Low $349


Next week Microsoft is significantly slashing prices on the their Windows Surface RT tablets. Speculation from various sources hinted at such. But Staples has come right out to confirm the impending price-cut, with a preview of next week’s Weekly Ad listing the Surface RT for as low as $349.99. The Surface RT never really took off. We all oo’ed and awe’d when it was teased. I mean look at the thing. It’s still got the eye candy. Yet when you take off the tech-tuned beer goggles the sexy melts away into a decidedly lackluster mobile offering–not at all helped by the clunky and unintuitive Windows RT operating system.

But now, I feel many can get very excited about snatching up a Surface RT on the cheap. I says this with the assumption that the OS on Surface RT can be updated to Windows 8.1 absent any additional cost or headache. Windows 8.1 brings a host of notable changes and improvements. The most heralded of which are the ability to boot directly to the desktop.

The cost cut comes due to poor sales and the arrival Intel’s latest marketing focus. The Haswell processors are on the march so it’s time to make room. There’s also a bit of buzz in the air about a Surface or Surface-like option powered by the formidable Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor.

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  1. Hey Shawn; you were spot on regarding the price slash. Staples has the discount online now. Question; for someone who just wants a mobile system to still be able to work on Microsoft office products and for surfing the internet, would you recommend the Surface RT at discounted price? My biggest hold back is I’m wondering if they won’t soon be coming out with a 4G capability on a later version of RT or Surface PRO. Thanks for your thoughts.

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