Win a Powerskin Battery Pack for Your Smartphone from GadgetReview

GadgetReview is giving away an Powerskin Smartphone battery pack (iPhone, HTC, Blackberry, Motorola Samsung), to ONE lucky winner!

The Powerskin battery packs ($60-70 value) extend your smartphone’s battery life by up to 2x all the while not adding too much bulk.  They also provide some much need to protection for those that have buttery fingers.  The rear of each Powerskin features a set of LEDs to indicate remaining battery life and charge via USB.

We’re giving away one of these to one person. To enter just LIKE our Facebook Fan Page and then leave a comment below telling us what you think would make our website super popular. You must register your comment with an email address so we can contact you. Comments are moderated so please be patient and enter only one.

Will pick one winner at random from the comments, but in order to WIN you’ll have to Like Us on Facebook. If you’d like a double entry, follow us on Twitter and tweet “@gadgetreview @powerskinusa #contest #free”.

This contest ends 8/17/2011 at 11:59 PST

It’s open to US residents in the continental US of A only.

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Christen Costa

Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

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  1. I agree videos would increase recognition. I would like to see and hear the review, and would be more likely to visit the site more often. I don't know the process, but is there a way when someone does a simple search, example: HTC slide keyboard review, to make your site appear on the first page of search results? I search frequently by adding review as the last word and never have this site listed. The reviews here are straight forward and without bias to one manufacturer, I wish I found it sooner.

    I liked you on facebook.
    [email protected]

  2. I first heard of the PowerSkin when I watched an interview  on Android Guys. The reason I was watching was because they were interviewing “Steve Kondik” aka “Cyanogen” but,1st, they interviewed the creator of the PowerSkin. I have wanted one since. They are a bit pricey but, I think they could be worth it and since it doesn't really add much bulk to the phone it's better than anything else i have seen. If I don't win one, I will buy one.

  3. I ran a blog for awhile and to get followers I used to do giveaways, I also made a facebook and twitter linked to the website and earned alot of trafic

  4. If you could get someone famous to twitter about your web site. You could post a comment on a celebs facebook asking them to mention your web site on their twitter. Just keep posting until someone mentions it…then everyone will come to your site to see it!
    [email protected]

  5. I think linking it to FB and Twitter will help to make it really popular since so many visit these every day.  Also, by giving away free stuff.  We love free stuff!

  6. You need to get your name out there. The best way to do that is by word of mouth from other customers who visit your page. I also think doing the contest once a month would be a good way to get people to the page.

  7. You have a great page. Once you get people here, most will stay. Contests, Giveaways, promotional items, have a Q & A section. Interaction with people is the BEST way to get and keep them here. Use FB. It is a great way to build up a following. But again, be interactive with it.

  8. I find that I buy most everything I need for my phones among other things from ebay and amazon. If you post links to your page there I think you would get a great amount of hits because ppl are constantly looking for whats new out there.

  9. Liked you on Facebook. Contest and giveaways are always a good way to get the word out! I also agree that video reviews would be a plus. Getting around on facebook is the way to go!

  10. Hmmm, why an app of course ;)…similar to the xda one with tapatalk, that way we can follow up on the blogfest on our phones nicely improved via the Powerskins !!

  11. I think one thing that would make your site even more popular would be to have video reviews – I love review sites that put a human face on the reviewers by having them record themselves talking about products and taking the viewer through the different features, pros/cons, etc.  I think that would help you build on your solid content and gain an even wider following.  Thanks!

    I like you on Facebook: Geoff K

    gkaufmanss at yahoo dot com

    1. Good reco.  We've done a few video reviews, but haven't found our groove yet.  The production time also seems to be an issue.

  12. I think this site has great content, what it needs is the exposure and possibly a layout that stands out from competitors

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