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Win a Case Logic DCB-308 SLR Camera Sling Bag From GadgetReview (contest)

GadgetReview is giving away one Case Logic DCB-308 SLR Camera Sling Bag to one lucky GadgetReview reader!

The Case Logic Camera Sling Carry let’s you carry your digital SLR equipment comfortably on your back and features a customizable divider system and a side entry for quick access to items inside the bag. Multiple pockets provide plenty of storage.  It’s designed to fit most DSLR cameras with a standard or zoom lens attached.  There are extra pockets for cleaning cloths, memory cards and filters.  Lastly, there is a weather hood that snugly fits over the bag and keeps your gear dry in a down pour.

We’re giving away one of these to one GadgetReview reader for FREE. To enter just LIKE our Facebook Fan Page and then leave a comment on this page telling us about your favorite Seinfeld episode.  Again, you’ll need to like our Facebook Fan page.   Also, checkout CaseLogic’s Sweepstakes on their Facebook fan page.  Between now and 12/13 they’re giving away one of their iPad Folios with an actual iPad 2 to one luck Facebook fan!

Will pick one winner at random from the comments, but in order to WIN you’ll have to Like Us and comment below with a registered email address. If you’d like a double entry, follow us on Twitter and retweet this contest.

This contest ends 11/16/2011 at 11:59 PST

It’s open to US residents in the continental US of A only.

44 Comments to Win a Case Logic DCB-308 SLR Camera Sling Bag From GadgetReview (contest)

  1. Favorite Seinfeld episode, when Kramer and Newman were taking bottles to Michigan for the deposit.

  2. Romio_cc

    love this bag…..

    smart and sleek

  3. Chris Abel

    Bring on the haters! Have tried watching Seinfeld multiple times…it just never appealed to me.

  4. itsrob

    my favorite episode is the Marble Rye. I crack up every time Jerry says “Shut up you old bag!” and runs down the street with it.

  5. joni

    The one where the fiance dies from licking the envelopes!

  6. Em348

    My Favorite is the one where they forgot where they parked the car…. 

  7. CMC

    My favorite Seinfeld episode was the one with the Schnitzer’s rye bread in the bakery.  Hilarious!

    spitfyr323 at hotmail dot com

  8. Dan Kang

    “The contest” Master of my domain haha

  9. JD5621

    My 7D needs a portable home!

  10. Summer Bonner

    I love this bag….Thanks for posting such informative articles that help me make decisions in buying electronics.

  11. Happyladybug

    I like the episode where George’s fiance dies because she licked the envelopes!

  12. Phred642

    I think my favorite Seinfield episode was when the runner came to stay with Elaine before the marathon  but ended up staying at Jerry’s because there was concern that the runner would oversleep at Elaines. He ended up oversleeping at Jerry’s apartment instead

  13. Sandi

    Favorite Seinfeld is when they changed the building’s shower heads to water-saving kinds… and they all had flat hair as they couldn’t totally get the conditioner out…

  14. Sandi

    This camera case looks great- not the typical cumbersome “box” type case.  Thanks…

  15. Claudia Cooper

    Hard to pick a favorite, but the Phone Message was pretty darn funny!

  16. Derly Foerste

    would love to win it!!1

  17. Heather Larsen

    The one where George has “shrinkage” Hilarious!

  18. Dawnita Spears

    Soup Nazi

  19. Dawnita Spears

    Great giveaway

  20. Katie Rose

    Only one?! Festivus, the Soup Nazi, seriously only one? A co-cast member completely missed their entrance on stage because they were too distracted watching the final episode in the back wing and while most people in the cast were ticked off I could totally understand.

  21. Lily Nguyen

    the soup episode was great

  22. Vrkpch

    The funniest Seinfeld episode would have to be the Contest.

  23. Meredith

    I like the Soup Nazi episode.

  24. Digdougx

    I like the Kenny Rodgers Chicken episode, where Jerry and Kramer switch apartments and personalities, hilarious!

    • Anonymous

      Digdoux, you’re our winner!

  25. Melissa Leinart

    Thanks for this great giveaway.

  26. Jessica Marinaccio

    I like when they buy the frogger machine and try crossing the street – so funny and i love that game

  27. KZ

    Favorite Seinfeld episode: “Are you the master of your domain?”

  28. Gavinr129

    Favorite Seinfeld episode is definitely the shrinkage one. The pool was cold!

  29. Leslie

    like GadgetReview on FB and my favorite Seinfeld episode is The Frogger. Love when Elaine eats Peterman’s antique cake then replaces it it with an Entemann’s cake!

  30. Justin Lee Rickert

    Would love to have this bag!

  31. tHE ONE WHERE gEORGE DOUBLE DIPS. FREAKING HILARIOUS! and thanks for the giveaway

  32. Anonymous

    My favorite Seinfeld is “The Susie”. From Mike’s broken thumbs to the funeral for the imaginary woman, the whole episode is perfect.

    mimiro (at)

  33. Gardnermandy78

    The Case Logitech Camera Sling Carry is a very smart idea! Photographers / photography enthusiasts will surely love this since it is designed for DSLR cameras. Thanks for sharing this nice article.

  34. Beth Stanton

    Favorite Seinfeld episode: “sponge worthy”

  35. Guest

    My facorite Seinfeld episode is the one with the soup Nazi

  36. Sofie J

    My favorite Seinfeld episode is “The Fatigues” haha. 

  37. Melissa Fantetti

    My favorite Seinfeld episode- Festivis for the rest of us!

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