Wideskall Bunny Ear Antenna Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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You’ve accepted the fact the Best TV Antenna isn’t within your reach, so you’ve settled for the Best Rabbit Ear Antenna on an incredibly tight budget. The Wideskall Bunny Ear Antenna is one such example, being dirt cheap, but still offering the ability to catch top rated local channels from up to 20 miles away.

Why We Like It – Wideskall Bunny Ear Antenna

Small and compact, the Wideskall Bunny Ear Antenna is conscious of the space it takes up. Plug-and-play ready, it will capture nearby signals up to 20 miles away, with the help of extra long bunny ear antennas.

  • 2-foot antennas
  • Very small & compact
  • Dirt cheap
  • Poor picture quality
  • Coax cable is only 3 feet long


Unfortunately, the Wideskall HDTV Ready VHF UHF Dual Loop Coaxial TV Antenna is anything but effective. Its extra long, two feet bunny ears antenna can help catch nearby signals, but it’s the coax cable that keeps the signal from being stable. If you want a high quality picture, the equally cheap Fosmon HDTV Antenna gets better reception, and it’s only $2 more.

Ease of Install

Getting this antenna up and ready is just as easy as your average, run-of-the-mill indoor TV antenna. This is because it uses nothing else but a coax cable. However, the cable is rather short—just 3 feet—so you’ll have to consider an extension cable if you want to mount it on the wall.


The Wideskall Universal Indoor Rabbit Ear TV Antenna is, to be frank, cheaply made. It looks like a stiff breeze would be enough to knock it over. It’s small and compact, which is a step in the right direction—but it would’ve been better with a weighted base, like the Philips SDV8201B.


You have to be incredibly close to a nearby signal to catch local channels. This is due to its low reception range of 20 miles. If you factor in nearby interference, it’s effectively 10 to 15 miles. The Philips SDV7114A can get twice the Wideskall’s effective range far more reliably.


You’d have to be really desperate to pick the Wideskall Bunny Ear Antenna; otherwise it isn’t worth the plastic it’s made out of. Its reception range isn’t that great, and when it can get a signal it struggles to keep it due to a loose coax cable. You also have to consider the cost of an amplifier and a coax cable. After all that, it doesn’t seem worth it. While Wideskall Bunny Ear Antenna is an affordable TV antenna, you will have poor quality pictures unlike other top models like Tree New Bee WA2608.

Wideskall Bunny Ear Antenna Wrap Up

There’s looking for good, affordable options, and then there’s options so cheap that it’s a detriment to their performance; the Wideskall Bunny Ear Antenna is the latter. Yes, its two feet antennas can help pick up signals, but its loose coax cable works against it. Being dirt cheap and compact doesn’t make up for it.

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