Wi-Fi Smart Plug Makes Your House Smart, Turns Off Devices From Your Phone

D-link smart plug

The best smart plugs may have another addition thanks to this smart gadget.

If you’re not ready to invest in an entire smart home system, but want to see what the fuss is about then the mydlink Wi-Fi Smart Plug is for you! For $49.99, the Smart Plug allow you to turn your devices on or off wherever you are from your smartphone or tablet using its complementary app. Just choose which device and power outlet you’d like to take control of and plug it in. Download the accompanying app and then connect it to existing Wi-Fiwith WPS and you’re good to go!

You can even create on/off schedule for your devices like turning on lamps when it gets dark and no one’s home or turning on the AC to exactly where you want it. It even has a built-in thermal sensor that automatically turns off overheating appliances, providing you ease of mind when  you’re not home. And for those looking to see what their energy usage is, it can monitor power consumption of connected devices and give you stats via its app.

smart plug

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  1. Nevermind, found the confirmation on the support page.

    Remote access of the smart plug is enabled once you have registered and linked your Smart Plug using the mydlink™ service. When your smart Plug is enabled for remote access, you will be able to control your Smart Plug from anywhere using your iOS or Android mobile devices. Your Smar Plug device must also be connected to your home WiFi network for remote access.

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