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The basic thinking behind getting a portable AC unit for your home is that you’ll be able to move it around from room to room. This gives you the advantage of placing the portable AC unit where you best see fit. Something else that you’ve also got to give a thought to is how large your space is in terms of sq ft. If the square footage in your room is below or around 400 square feet, then the Whynter ARC 122DS single hose portable air conditioner might be worth considering. Is it the best portable air conditioner for RV? We think not, but if you’ve been shopping around for the best dual hose portable air conditioner, you might have just stumbled upon a winner.

Why We Like It – Whynter Arc 122DS Elite

The Whynter ARC 122DS Elite is a well known portable air conditioner that’s got what it takes to keep your room temperature well under control. It’s got a dual hose system instead of a single hose, and is also backed by a 1 year warranty.

  • Has received numerous awards as the best AC unit to go for
  • 24 Hour Timer
  • 3 Operational Modes: Air conditioner, Fan or Dehumidifier
  • No WiFi support for app control


With an efficient cooling capacity of up to 12000 BTU, the Whynter ARC 122DS Elite is well equipped to handle midsize to large rooms, provided they’re not larger than 400 square feet. The portable unit also takes up a lot more space than the compact Ontel Arctic Air Ultra air cooler, and operates based off of a dual hose system as opposed to a single hose configuration. This helps avoid the negative air pressure that’s commonly found in single hose setups.

Energy Efficiency

The Whynter ARC AC unit has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of 13, which is just above the minimum recommended of 10. This means that you shouldn’t really expect your electricity bill to rise over an alarming rate, but if you want to keep things under your control, consider making use of the AC’s 24 Hour Timer. This way, you’ll be able to decide exactly when you need the dual hose portable air conditioner running, and for how long. We’re a bit disappointed seeing that the costway portable air conditioner has a sleep mode but the Whynter ARC does not, but either way, there are a couple more features that make up for that lack.


The Whynter ARC 122DS portable unit stands out from a lot of other portable air conditioners due to the fact that it’s got an activated carbon filter, while a lot of other portable ACs in the same category (such as the LG LP0817WSR 115v portable air conditioner) do not. This carbon filter helps rid the air coming from outside of any bad odours, making it breathable. In addition to that, there’s also a washable pre filter that’s used to prevent any dust from accumulating.


As is the norm with most portable ACs, the Whynter ARC 122DS 12000 BTU portable air conditioner is backed by a 1 year limited warranty. This warranty covers both parts and labour, so if you happen to come across any issue with your unit upon purchase, do not hesitate to reach out to customer service.


One of the criteria that you’re probably using to pick which AC unit you should go for is probably its noise level. Fortunately, the Whynter ARC 122DS is quiet enough not to wake you up at night, or even be a distraction in your living room. It’s not louder than 52 decibels, thereby guaranteeing quiet operation.

Whynter Arc 122DS Elite Wrap Up

The Whynter ARC 122DS features a remote control for convenient operation, as well as an extendable exhaust hose that makes installation a lot easier. The AC has also won numerous awards for its exemplary performance, so if you’re looking to have an AC unit that’s sure to deliver excellent service, go ahead and make an order for this one.

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