Why Won’t My Earbuds Connect?

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Updated September 16, 2022

After searching through countless models of premium headphones and finally settling on the best wireless earbuds you could find, struggling with getting them to pair with your devices can be frustrating. Ideally, they should connect to your mobile phone or PC in a few simple steps. That said, you can experience connection issues with wireless headphones. Before you go to a repair guide, explore the common problems that explain, “Why won’t my earbuds connect?”


  • Ensure that your wireless headphones are turned on and have good battery life.
  • You may be outside the recommended Bluetooth range, or the signal struggles to bypass obstructions like walls.
  • Too much wireless interference from Wi-Fi and other Bluetooth-enabled devices can disrupt the headphone’s wireless connection.

Why Aren’t My Wireless Earbuds Connecting?

Most Bluetooth devices, like the leading headphones for TV, should have a simple pairing process. Still, whether you aren’t getting audio from your connected device or the signal is spotty, earbud connection problems happen.

Insider Tip

The earbud status light will let you know if you have a near-dead battery or if they are in pairing mode.

Most wireless earbuds use Bluetooth to receive an audio signal from an Android device or iPhone. Bluetooth has a good range, but physical obstructions and wireless interference can cause problems. Even with Bluetooth 5.0 audio devices, you can experience wireless connection problems. If you’re curious as to why your earbuds keep disconnecting, you can fix fundamental connection issues in a couple of minutes.

For example, you may have to learn how to reset earbuds as a simple way to correct a bad connection. Even something as simple as a low battery level can cause pairing issues. Fortunately, some headphone companies specialize in battery capacity and connection experience. If you’re concerned about battery life, consider active models like the Aftershokz OpenMove vs. Trekz Air.

Check Your Bluetooth Device Settings

Go to the Bluetooth settings menu of your connected device to ensure the Bluetooth mode is active. Additionally, check the list of your connected devices to see if the wireless headphones are on there. If not, put your headphones into pairing mode and make your phone discoverable.

Check the Battery Level

When connected to an audio source, you should see a blue light on most wireless earbuds. If you see a blinking red light, the battery level is low. Your headphones can disconnect and lose signal strength with a low battery level.


Your wireless device may experience connection issues like interference with a low battery.

Out of Wireless Range

You should stay within 30 feet of your connected device while wearing wireless headphones. That said, walls, people, and metal objects can disrupt your wireless connection.

Stuck in Pairing Mode

If your headphones are stuck in pairing mode, you should see a blinking light, but they won’t show on your phone’s available connections list. Find the factory reset button on the headphones and press it. You can perform the pairing process to reconnect the headphones to the audio source.

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Wireless Interference

Using a wireless headset near a Wi-Fi router or other Bluetooth devices can disrupt your wireless connection. Try eliminating wireless emitting devices from your immediate surroundings to mitigate signal interference.

Why Won’t My Earbuds Connect FAQs

Is Bluetooth harmful?

Bluetooth emits a trim level of nonionizing radiation, which is not harmful to humans. The radiation from Bluetooth devices isn’t strong enough to change the cellular structure of humans or animals.

Can Bluetooth 5.0 connect to multiple devices?

You can broadcast your audio source to two devices simultaneously with Bluetooth 5.0. This means you can use multiple speakers for a surround experience or share an audio source to multiple rooms.

What is the maximum Bluetooth range?

The maximum Bluetooth range is 100 meters (30 feet), even for the Bluetooth 5.0 standard. That said, obstructions like furniture, walls, and people can interfere with the signal, shortening the recommended range. Experts recommend staying within 10-15 feet of your wireless device to ensure the most robust audio quality.
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