Why Standing Desks Are Expensive

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Updated August 30, 2022

If you’ve been looking for a new desk with an ergonomic design, you probably have thought about why standing desks are expensive. Several factors play into the high prices of the best standing desks, including the size of the market, the cost of materials like wood, and the functions available for people.


  • Standing desks remain expensive because of the small market size, quality and cost of the pieces, and electric components.
  • You can find standing desk converters that sit on top of your desktop and lift a portion of the surface to a higher height if you want a less expensive option.
  • An electric expensive standing desk remains the ideal due to its automatic adjusting and ease of use.

Some standing desks remain less expensive than others, largely depending on the type of standing desk. While there are many benefits to standing desks, you may also experience trouble related to them, especially the less expensive ones. You may be interested in learning why a standing desk is bad sometimes.

Why Are Standing Desks So Expensive?

You can find several levels of cost within the realm of standing desks. From the low-cost standing desk converter to the top-of-the-line electric standing desk, there’s most likely an option for your budget. To decide which price range and desk are right for you, you should consider the effectiveness of each.

Insider Tip

A desk converter may work as a short-term, inexpensive solution to a sedentary lifestyle.

You should also consider the factors that make standing desks more expensive, such as the material costs, small market, and additional features. To learn about one of these features, check out our article “why do I need a footrest for my standing desk footrail?

Design and Quality Materials

Standing desks remain expensive because the materials used to build these products are costly. However, the desktop surface provides some cost, especially in greener or more organic production systems, like those used to produce a wide range of bamboo surfaces.

Many height adjustable standing desks feature an aluminum or steel frame and surface made of wood to support everything you need while you work. These platforms balance productivity with efficiency, staying lightweight but holding a lot of weight on top. If you choose a weaker wood adjustable desk, you may want to consider buying one of a wide range of monitor arms.

Finally, electric desks require a motor with various small parts to raise and lower your desk. Each of these parts costs money to make, and the market may not be large enough for mass production at this point. Desk manufacturers range in weight capacities and desk prices as a result of the small quality desk market.

For a look at some brands, check out the StandDesk Pro standing desk, and Autonomous vs UpLift standing desk.

Standing Desk Tiers

Different types of standing desks do different things while providing the desk height you want. For example, you can find a regular desk that stands taller than most other traditional desks, but you may not be able to adjust it. Then, there are adjustable height electric desks that include the ability to change between sitting and standing positions within seconds. The various tiers of standing desks have:

  • Standing desk converters lift a portion of the surface of your desk, preferably with your monitors on the frame. However, this version creates separate pieces, making them more like a platform for the table. These pieces are ideal if you want a low-cost, temporary office desk solution, but they are not as nice as adjustable height desks. Additionally, you may need monitor arms or a keyboard tray to keep the rest of your work surface within the right height range.
  • Permanent high desks provide the ability to stand all day long with your monitors and frame at the right height, but they cannot switch positions. Therefore, if you want a sit-to-stand desk, you must find another version within the desk market with a higher desk price. Although there are benefits to frequently standing throughout the day, standing all day can cause leg and foot pain, varicose veins over time, and swollen feet.
  • Manual adjustable height sit-stand desks can be adjusted with the turn of a crank. This crank permits you to regularly switch between sitting and standing positions with a range of heights. First, however, you have to do the work of adjusting the table, meaning you may not use it as frequently.
  • Electric height adjustable standing desks remain the ideal solution for many office workers. Because they are electric, the motor adjusts the height, leaving you to do whatever you want in the few seconds it takes. Additionally, these products do not require any effort or strength on your part.


Electric standing desks feature higher prices due to the electric components, but you can find a cheaper manual adjustable height desk.


Is it better to work standing or sitting?

Ideally, you should switch between sitting and standing because each has pros and cons. You should use a sit-stand ratio of 1:1 or 2:1.

What is the difference between expensive and cheap standing desks?

The most significant difference between the two price ranges is quality and weight capacity. A lot of the more expensive models feature high-quality materials and sturdy designs. These desks often hold more weight due in part to these materials.

Are there real benefits to a standing desk?

Standing desks can help to ease neck, should, and back pain while burning slightly more calories. You also use more muscles while standing.

STAT: While you could find yourself saving 20 to 50 percent off better quality desks, there is a high likelihood you’ll be looking to purchase the better product within the next year. (source)

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