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If you consider different types of standing desks, you should find out why a standing desk motor is essential. Most of the best standing desks fall into one of two categories with differing prices: manual or electric. The electric models feature a motor to adjust the height of the standing desk whenever you want, while manual ones have a crank for adjustment.


  • Electric standing desks operate motors to easily and efficiently adjust the desktop and monitor to your desired height.
  • With one of these models, you burn more calories and use more muscles than you would while sitting.
  • Once you have entered reset mode on your desk, you can select your preset number and adjust the desk to your desired height range.

As a result of the motor, you can move the surface of your electric desk with your monitor and keyboard trays up or down to a range of standing or sitting positions, respectively. Many benefits result from using a standing desk assembly, including increased muscle activity and calorie burn. If you want to learn more about additional office supplies to increase these benefits, read “Why do I need a footrest for my standing desk footrail?”

How a Standing Desk Motor Works

The motor in an adjustable height electric standing desk assembly moves the desktop up or down depending on your desired direction and the maximum height and minimum height. Some adjustable standing desk products include multiple electric motors, one for each leg. Generally, these desks provide increased weight capacity and power, and the motors work in sync.

However, in some cases, the motors do not work at the same rate or with the same power, or one gets stuck, making the desk’s surface assembly uneven. So, if you want to know why a standing desk noise level is high, you can thank the motor.

Benefits of Standing Desks

Like all standing desk products, electric standing desks, manual versions, and desk converters help burn more calories than traditional desks, though you may want an additional keyboard tray or drawer assembly. This factor reduces the risks of the sedentary lifestyle that many office workers experience. In addition, when you stand, you activate more muscles than you do while sitting.

Insider Tip

Electric standing desks and anti-fatigue mats used together further reduce the pain associated with computer or desk work.

Additionally, these desk models support proper posture while you work, helping with neck, back, and shoulder pain. However, these desks may cause trouble with swelling and pain in the legs and feet. It doesn’t mean that the standing desk doesn’t work, it just means your body needs more support. So, when this occurs, add an anti-fatigue mat to your office workspace.

Setting Your Height Adjustments with a Motor

Once you have your adjustable desk setup, you should program your preset heights for sitting and standing positions within the height range. Although the specific instructions can be found in your user’s manual or on the website of the desk manufacturers, you can find less detailed ones below. Though, you may find different adjustments when working a standing desk crank over an electrically-powered one. That said, for a look at some great standing desks, check out our comparison of Luxor vs Skarsta.


Perform an initial reset during the assembly process. This process informs the adjustable height desk where exactly the lowest level it can go, called its base height. Then, whenever you lose power or have issues moving your desk, you need to reset the platform.

Press the down arrow or down button until the desk no longer lowers.

Hold the down button for several seconds. Most companies require only a few seconds to start the reset process, but UPLIFT desks need 30 seconds. The desk will rise and fall a short amount to indicate you have entered the reset mode.


Select your preset number. If you forget things frequently, you should write down the preset you’ve selected for each height.


Move the desktop of your height-adjustable desk to your sitting position. Make sure you complete this step while sitting in your normal office chair. The surface should line up so your elbows will bend at a 90-degree angle when you type on your keyboard.


Select the next preset number.


Adjust the adjustable height desk to your standing position. Again, your elbows should bend at a 90-degree angle while using your keypad. Additionally, your desktop monitor lines up so the edge of the top of the screen sit at eye level.


Enjoy your desk! Anytime you want to change positions, simply press the preset number you want. Then, if someone else moves your desk, the presets stay the same, allowing you to recover your desired positions for your sturdy desk.


Some electric desk motors get out of sync with each other, causing the desk to lean, but you can perform a reset cycle to fix this issue.


What are some specific benefits of electric standing desks over other types?

Electric standing desks quickly lift the desktop without much effort on your part. Instead of having to crank the desk to adjust it, you press the preset you want and let the desk do the work. Additionally, electric desks typically have a higher lifting capacity than other models.

How do electric motorized standing desks or sit/stand desks work?

These desks use a motor or multiple motors to lift or lower your desk. The motor rotates, and the desk adjusts in the desired direction.

What materials are used for electric motorized standing desks?

Most standing desks consist of solid hardwood or softwood, plastics, laminates, or glass. The frames usually have plastic legs or steel ones.

STAT: Nearly 90% of employees agree that they perform their jobs better in a well-designed workspace. (source)

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