Why are Product Reviews Important?

Updated: Oct 27, 2022 7:13 PM
Why are Product Reviews Important?

Why are product reviews important? 90% of consumers look at online reviews before deciding on a purchase. Additionally, 72% of consumers will immediately make a buying decision based on positive product reviews. Moreover, this does include fake reviews, so be warned.

But why is this? It’s because trust in a business is important. And, if a consumer can trust you, then they’re willing to do business with you.


  • Customers easily create trust in your brand through reviews.
  • To increase the sales and visibility of your brand, add reviews to your website so that viewers can get a customer’s perspective of your product.
  • Positive reviews are the easiest way to get social proof about your product.

The Importance of Using Product Reviews

Today, we will look at six reasons why product reviews should be a MUST in your e-commerce business.

But also, don’t forget to include returns in your policies. That way, folks can return online orders if they’re not satisfied. It should be an easy process and not frustrating to the customer.

You don’t want to end up like those companies that used fake reviews, such as Sunday Riley or Elsevier.

Insider Tip

When customers write a product review, they help other new customers know what they will get before purchasing it.

Product Reviews Create Trust

When consumers get on your website to purchase what you are offering, most look for reviews. Therefore, a product with good reviews will make the purchasing process easier. In addition, if your product is good, they will also associate the quality of the product with your brand.

At the top of Amazon’s product page, a product’s average rating section is populated based on customer feedback. Customers use the customer reviews section at the bottom of the page to make their purchasing decision. A verified purchaser review is even more convincing since they actually bought and used the product.

Product Reviews Tell More About your Product

Once someone reads about the experience of other customers using your product, they will have the proof they need about the product. Of course, brands will describe every feature of the product, but the customer is the only one who will provide reliable feedback.

When customers write a product review, they help other new customers know what they will get before purchasing it. They will also know its flaws and how it will make them feel during its period of service. However, note that some sites have fishy customer feedback, like the fake Yelp reviews that are misleading.

Insider Tip

Your brand can greatly benefit from good product reviews.

Product Reviews Allow you to Improve your Product

Suppose you receive a specific complaint about your product’s particular feature or function. In that case, you need to rectify the defect to continue selling or providing the service. Then, of course, there are those rare situations where a damaged product can get to the hands of a customer. But if it is a major problem, you have to fix it so that your product can be more effective and serve more people.

Product Reviews are a Social Proof

Your brand can greatly benefit from good product reviews. Even in other businesses, customer testimonials are vital in highlighting the brand and sharing their experience with the brand. Use testimonials on your website and social media pages to promote your brand and drive up your product or service sales. 

Product Reviews Boost Sales

Once you meet your customers’ expectations, product reviews will boost the sales of your product. People will be your product ambassadors by leaving great reviews. Even one positive review can increase your sales.

Your product might have some bad reviews, but those might be a few compared to the number of positive reviews you receive. The bottom line, you can never satisfy every person. 


Why should your business pay attention to online reviews?

It creates social proof. Before B2B partnerships take shape, parties need validation from industry peers to convince their stakeholders about the partnership. If a good number of people recommend the company’s product, it is easier for the stakeholders to decide.

How should you handle negative reviews?

We have seen how positive reviews lead to conversion, but what about negative reviews? Ideally, an occasional bad review is good because brands tend to appear less credible if only excellent reviews exist. When you respond to bad reviews, you build credibility with customers and then sort out the issue.

How do product reviews increase sales?

Reviews can increase your sales when your customers better describe your product better than you. Users can also generate content about your product to market it in a new and exciting way.

STAT: Approximately 10% of customers frequently review products, and another 51% leave reviews from time to time. (source)

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