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Why is There Audio on 1 Side of my Gaming Headset?

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If you’re wondering, “Why is there audio on 1 side of my gaming headphones?” you have a glaring problem. Namely, your wireless or wired headset isn’t working as it should.


  • If your audio jack is gunky, you’ll need to clean it thoroughly. Check your device’s user manual for additional information.
  • Check your headset connection guide to see if you’re having trouble with set-up, connectivity issues, or sound settings.
  • If the issue isn’t dirt or sound settings, you may need to repair your headphones with a pair of wire strippers or just purchase a new pair.

Even the best gaming headset will run into sound issues from time to time. In this article, we’ll uncover a few of the many reasons you’re experiencing set-up problems, connectivity issues, and more.

Insider Tip

Since wireless gaming headsets lack a headset cable, they are far more reliable in ensuring headset volume controls are never compromised.

How to Fix a Gaming Headset That Only Works in One Ear

All competitive gamers agree that the right wired or wireless headsets make miles of a difference. Sound quality is the difference between beautiful game audio and ear-grinding sound issues.

If you’re now wondering, “Why even use a gaming headset?” there are plenty of reasons. The perfect balance of active noise cancellation and balanced VoIP chat audio makes your experience vastly better.

A Dirty Headphone Jack May Be to Blame

Gunk builds up quickly, so a dirty headphone jack could be to blame. If your earphone jack gets dirty, it will be challenging to balance audio settings.

Following standard cleaning procedures in your product information guide is crucial for any audio device. A wired headset is no different.

You May Have Broken Headphones

A broken internal wire is a common problem that might be fixable. If you have a pair of wire strippers and know how to work with electronics, you can repair the copper wire yourself by soldering on a new piece.

If you’ve ever asked, “Why does a gaming headset have detachable cables?” this is your answer. Those models work even if the headphone wire is faulty.

If you have a low-quality audio headset, you’ll likely need to replace it regularly. Audio products break just like anything else, and sometimes, it’s better just to toss them out and purchase a new pair of earphones.

The Game Audio Balance Is Off

If your audio source is off, you’ll have trouble with game and chat audio. This issue pops up for everybody, from casual to competitive gamers.

When all else fails, check your headset connection guide for solutions on trouble with set-up, connectivity issues, and more.


Protecting the headset cable is crucial for both platform and mobile gamers, or it might affect chat audio balance.


Can I use the SteelSeries Arctis 9 as an Xbox wireless headset?

The SteelSeries Arctis line has wireless audio sources, meaning it doesn’t use an audio jack. This means it is an excellent device for games on a wide range of console controllers. You can use the SteelSeries Arctis 9 as an Xbox wireless headset, and you should.

How do I reset a Bluetooth-enabled device?

You can generally do this in audio settings. From there, you can begin the “Uninstall Device” process by having your computer or console forget the device. Make sure you’re back to your default audio device and then press the power button to reconnect.

Can I fix internal wires to improve Xbox wireless headset audio quality?

You can attempt to fix broken wires, but it’s typically better to purchase a new Xbox wireless headset. You can also force a better audio level if you play with the audio settings.

Can I use audio settings to test my microphone attachment?

If output jacks aren’t working, you can use this section to determine whether it’s an issue with your default audio device for gamers or your microphone for laptop PC gaming.

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