Why is my Webcam so Dark?

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Updated August 29, 2022

If you are new to the quirks of digital video, you may wonder, “Why is my webcam so dark?” The best webcams, after all, are still prone to issues that can cause this sort of problem. So, what are the various reasons a webcam displays a dark image, and what can you do to fix it? Keep reading to find out.


  • Webcams should reproduce a crisp, clear, and bright image, so a dark image indicates an issue somewhere in the system.
  • Start by downloading updated webcam software to increase the webcam image quality and video quality.
  • You should also adjust your computer and camera’s video settings and brightness settings, along with installing dedicated lights in the room.

Why Webcams Produce a Dark Image

There are many reasons why a webcam creates a darker-than-average image, which you’ll understand when learning about webcam color correction. It could be an exposure issue, a software issue, or just about anything else, leading some to wonder why their webcam is green. Additionally, sometimes the webcam light is on when the camera itself is not actually functioning.

Insider Tip

You should also check the camera lens to make sure there is no tape over it if you were previously worried about privacy.

No matter the issue, there are some steps to brighten that webcam, so you can carry on comparing the Azer Kiyo vs Angetube.

How to Make a Webcam Brighter

Here are some troubleshooting steps to consider if you are experiencing a darker-than-average webcam. Many of these are extremely simple and applicable to nearly any device.

Download Driver Software

As with most issues impacting devices, the first step is to look for new driver software. When software becomes antiquated, it leads to all kinds of issues while running a webcam application, dark images being just one. Head to your camera manufacturer’s web portal and look for a new software update, installing as indicated by instructions. You never know what this simple process will solve. Many modern webcams will search for software updates on their own, which is helpful.

Change the Brightness

Could it really be that simple? Yes, in some cases. Head into your system settings and change the brightness of your screen. If this doesn’t solve the issue, look for a settings page dedicated to your camera itself. You may be able to adjust the brightness level regarding the camera’s output. Why did the camera’s settings suddenly change to make things dimmer? You may never know, but at least you can fix it.

STAT: Webcams need lots of light, more than your eyes do. The better lit the subject (your face, for example), the clearer and brighter the webcam image will be. If the light on the subject is insufficient, the image from the webcam will be dark and grainy (noisy). (source)

Add Lights

If your camera reproduces a dim or dark image, it may not be the camera’s fault. You could just be operating in a dim or dark space. Spruce up your area by adding some lighting. There are many lights available for purchase that are made exclusively for increasing the picture quality of webcams.

Webcam Dark FAQs

How do I make a webcam brighter?

Follow the above steps for webcam applications, which are easily adjusted via the Windows 11 support center or Mac settings page.

How do I adjust the light on a webcam?

Adjusting the light for your webcam applications should be a matter of heading to the video settings and making necessary adjustments, though you may need a unique user profile or to find the Windows 11 support center.

How do I adjust webcam settings on your Mac?

Webcam software and webcam applications can be adjusted on the Mac by heading into the webcam settings or internal webcam settings. Look for a relevant dropdown menu for the webcam video.
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