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Why is my Webcam Grainy?

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If you are new to the world of streaming video, you may wonder, “Why is my webcam grainy?” Even the best webcams, after all, can run into issues that cause a decrease in resolution and an increase in, well, grain. So what causes grainy camera footage, and what can you do about it? Keep reading to find out.


  • Grainy webcam footage can seriously muck up work meetings and video chats with friends and family, thanks to reduced image quality.
  • Start troubleshooting this by improving the light source surrounding the webcam, opting for dedicated webcam lamps, and the like.
  • Other steps include checking your Internet speed and downloading camera driver software, which can increase webcam quality.

Why Webcams Produce Grainy Footage

There are many issues that cause grainy footage, causing many to wonder how to make a webcam look better. It could be low light in the recording space, leading some to wonder why the webcam light is on or any number of other issues. Graininess could be caused by the camera itself, the affiliated software, the Internet connection, or the computer, which is not covered when learning how a webcam works.

Insider Tip

Try using the camera at different times throughout the day to assess any difference in the amount of grain.

In short, there are many reasons behind this annoyance, even if you have already compared a traditional webcam vs a DSLR camera.

How to Fix a Grainy Webcam

Despite having many potential causes, there are some definitive troubleshooting steps worth considering to fix the issue of a grainy webcam. Although, if you’re ready to get a new camera, check out the Sony Alpha A6100.

Reset the Router

A slow Internet connection could be to blame for a grainy webcam, in addition to causing lag and related issues. Troubleshoot this by resetting your router and modem. Unplug both devices for a few minutes and plug them back in. Next, check the webcam. Didn’t solve the issue? You can also restore both devices to their factory settings, which could help, or you could contact your Internet service provider.

STAT: Webcams typically include a lens, an image sensor, and support electronics, and may also include one or even two microphones for sound. (source)

Increase the Light

Using your webcam in low light situations could lead to grainy footage, so increase the light in your space. Add dedicated lamps that have been purpose-built to illuminate webcams or simply open up a nearby window. It is amazing how much difference a little bit of light makes when it comes to webcams. Another light-related option is to wear bright clothing, which can help cut down on grain a tad.

If you’re noticing graininess in your camera and are concerned about your photo or video quality, you might be curious about what kind of file does a digital camera create. Rest assured, it won’t exhibit graininess.

Update the Driver Software

In rare cases, outdated driver software could contribute to grainy webcam footage. Head to the settings page of your camera and look for a software update. No luck? Head to the web portal of your camera manufacturer, as they often embed driver software on official websites. After updating the camera’s software, don’t forget about updating whatever video chat software you frequent, in addition to looking for an overall update to your computer’s operating system. If your webcam is giving you too much grief, consider upgrading to a pro camera like the Sony a6000 cam.

Grainy Webcam FAQs

Why is my Zoom video grainy, and how can I avoid it?

If you are experiencing poor video quality while using Zoom, try adding some extra light or natural light, switching from the internal webcam, or adding studio lighting.

Why do image sensors produce noise?

Without proper light, image sensors create plenty of noise that impacts the white balance and translates to poor video quality. To up this video quality, switch to LED panels or follow the above steps.

How do I make a webcam look better?

If you have a cheap webcam or are looking for an increase in webcam quality, such as when using a laptop webcam, check on the white balance, update the webcam software, and add lights.

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