Why is My Mouse Moving on its Own?

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Updated November 15, 2022

If you are new to the world of modern computing, you may wonder why your mouse is moving on its own. Even the best computer mouse out there is susceptible to varied issues that can lead to ghost movement. So what exactly causes this issue, and what can be done to resolve it? Keep reading to find out.


  • One of the primary issues impacting modern computer mice is when they move of their own accord without user input.
  • This is caused by a number of things, such as old mouse driver software and mouse pointer signal interference from competing devices.
  • You should also adjust your touchpad settings to decrease the pointer speed of the external mouse cursor via the control panel.

Why is My Computer Mouse Moving By Itself?

There are many issues that impact an average computer mouse if you are also wondering why a mouse scrolls up with you scroll down. In the case of a mouse moving by itself, there are possible hardware and software issues at play, forcing many to learn how to clean a mouse pad. In most cases, this issue can be resolved with some cleaning and software updating, even if you don’t know the definition of a mousepad.

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You should also clean and maintain your work surface, as debris and dust can lead to this issue.

Tips to Get Your Mouse Working Correctly

Here are some troubleshooting steps to get your mouse moving only when you have a hand on it, not like some specter haunting your desktop.

Download New Drivers

You should always keep up to date on your software drivers, which is easy to remember with most gadgets, but computer mice often fall by the wayside. Using ancient driver software can contribute to this issue, and many others, so head to your manufacturer’s splash page and look for any updates. You may be able to do that in the software, so check the settings tab for more information.

Disconnect Other Devices

If you are using a Bluetooth wireless mouse and also use many other Bluetooth accessories, such as keyboards and gamepads, there could be signal interference causing your mouse to develop a mind of its own. Shut down Bluetooth and disconnect every device. Next, turn on Bluetooth and connect just your mouse. Keep connecting devices, one by one, until the problem happens again. At that point, you will know which device was the culprit.

STAT: A simple restart can always help you fix some computer woes. (source)

Change Touchpad Settings

If you are using a laptop with an external wireless mouse, you may have the touchpad settings set too high. Remember, these settings apply to anything resembling a touchpad, computer mice included. If your touchpad settings are too high, it will cause the mouse to become activated and move when just the slightest touch. Head into your settings and lower the sensitivity.

Mouse Moving FAQs

How do you fix a mouse moving on its own?

If your mouse cursor or mouse pointer is moving on its own, fix the issues by following the above steps. Change touchpad sensitivity via the control panel, enable a hardware troubleshooter for hardware issues, and download new mouse device drivers.

What do you do when your Mac cursor is moving on its own?

This issue also impacts Mac computers, so start by downloading new touchpad drivers and looking at additional mouse settings to adjust the mouse sensor priority.

How does mouse movement work?

It depends on the type of mouse and the internal hardware components. Some use light, while others use a trackball. Each has its pros and cons.
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