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Why is My Fan Blowing Hot Air?

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Even a premium fan can’t effectively cool a space in some instances, leaving you wondering, “Why is my fan blowing hot air?” Fans do not provide the active cooling of an air conditioning unit, but the airflow can help lower indoor temperatures. While adjusting your speed and thermostat settings might help, fans can struggle to cool your core temperature. When your fan blows hot air instead of cool air, it can be due to several factors. If it’s a regular fan, it won’t cool the air but only circulate it. Placement can also be an issue, especially if your fan is placed by a sunny window. If the fan on your AC is blowing hot air, that’s an issue with poor ventilation, blocked vents, or even a clogged air filter.

Read on to learn more about this problem.


  • Without an air conditioner, your indoor air temperature can be too hot for a fan to cool your space.
  • If your fan is in a sunny window, it may pass warm air into your home.
  • A portable fan with a dirty air filter will become congested, reducing the unit’s cooling power.

Why is My Electric Fan Blowing Hot Air

While fans don’t have the extra power of air conditioner service, they can help remove excess heat if you utilize proper placement and fan settings to maximize your indoor comfort. Compare the Vornado 533 vs 633 to understand the types of fans that will help cool your home.

Insider Tip

Place your fan in a shaded window to intake cool air, and use an outward fan in a sunny window to exhaust warm air.

That said, if the indoor and outdoor temperatures are too high, a fan’s evaporative effect might not be able to dissipate your body heat effectively. Additionally, a burnt-out fan motor will make a nasty noise and halt the cool wind from your fan, so you’ll need to learn why your ceiling fan is making noise to ensure proper operation.

Bad Placement

Fan placement is a critical factor in ensuring a refreshing breeze. Since hot air rises, you can utilize a tall window to exhaust warm air from your home. Additionally, you can use a window fan to intake cool air from a ground-level, shaded window. Use multiple fans to cycle fresh, cool air into your home and expel hot air. This cross-ventilation will keep your fans from simply moving around ambient heat on hot summer days.


Never operate on your ceiling fan’s wiring system without disconnecting it from the circuit breaker.

Wrong Blade Direction

You can change the rotation direction of most ceiling fans, enhancing the recommended air movement for the season. In the summer months, you want a counterclockwise ceiling fan to push a cool breeze around the room. In the winter, flip the ceiling fan direction switch to a clockwise rotation to push warm air from the ceiling and toward your family. This is especially important in a baby’s room. Be sure to check out our page to learn the answer to why do fans prevent SIDS? Ceiling fans are a great choice to help increase air circulation in a room.

Dirty Air Filter

A portable fan with a washable filter can become congested by dirt, grime, and dust. With restricted airflow, your fan cannot push enough air for a cooling breeze. You can clean or replace the filter to optimize the air movement from the fan unit.

STAT: A 2020 US EIA (Energy Information Agency) survey showed that 18.6% of Americans keep their central air conditioner at 69 degrees or less during summer daytime. (source)

Why is My Fan Blowing Hot Air FAQs

When should I clean a ceiling fan?

You should clean your ceiling fan weekly to ensure proper operation and an extended device lifespan. Experts recommend cleaning the blades with a dusting wand, but you can use a damp cloth and a stepstool. Never spray cleaning solution directly on the fan blades or motor assembly to avoid damaging the unit.

How do I make an evaporative cooler?

You can create an evaporative cooler with a container of ice and a tower fan. The ice behaves like an evaporator coil on an AC unit. As the water from the ice evaporates, the fan pushes the water vapor towards you, cooling the air.

Can I lower my heating bills with fans?

Fans can bolster the heating process from your central heating system. Setting your ceiling fan to a clockwise rotation will push hot air away from the ceiling and towards your family.

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