Why is My Computer Mouse Lagging?

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Updated November 18, 2022

Finding the best computer mouse for your needs isn’t the end of your research. Often, you’ll find yourself troubleshooting minor issues that might pop up, which will happen more frequently as it ages. Someday, you may find yourself asking, “Why is my computer mouse lagging?” If that’s the case, this article will explain the reasons why and how to fix the issue.


  • Mouse speed can be severely impacted if your mouse runs low on battery or has a defective battery. Try charging your mouse or changing the batteries to see if this is your issue.
  • The next issue you might run into is your mouse drivers are outdated or not working correctly. To fix this, you’re going to do a manual driver update.
  • Finally, a mouse lag issue can be caused by connection issues. This can be with a wireless model’s USB dongle or the cord on a wired mouse.

Why Does My Computer Mouse Keep Lagging?

Several issues can cause a mouse cursor to lag behind your projected movements. There’s little more frustrating than watching your mouse freeze while you’re using your computer. Luckily, there are a few common problems you’re likely experiencing, and they’re all easy to solve.

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You Have a Low or Bad Mouse Battery

The most common issue with a wireless mouse is its low battery level. Since they run off this battery power, not having any to pull from will cause your mouse to stop working correctly. For a wired mouse, the issue would be that the battery is not working anymore. This means it’s time to replace your mouse. Look into what a 2.4 GHz mouse is or what an onboard memory mouse is to see some options for replacement.

Your Mouse Driver is Out of Date

The next most common problem is that you need to install a driver update. Having outdated or malfunctioning drivers can cause problems with your mouse. You can perform a manual driver update by visiting the manufacturer’s website and searching for your mouse model to find the correct version. On that note, you can also learn how to program mouse buttons if you want to look more into the technical side of mice.


Some devices, like your router or a cordless phone, can interfere with your mouse’s wireless signal, so try moving your computer and mouse if you suspect this is happening.

There are Connection Issues

If you’re using a wireless model, the issue might be with the wireless dongle plugging into your computer’s USB port. Or, worse yet, it could be an issue with the USB port itself. If you have a wired mouse, a connection issue can be caused by damage to the cord. Improper usage and storage can both cause damage to your wired mouse’s cable. For more information, read up on what a wireless mouse is.

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Why is My Computer Mouse Lagging FAQs

Is updating driver software difficult?

Fortunately, updating problematic drivers is a straightforward process. There are a couple of ways to update drivers, so it’s just about finding a tutorial for the method you want to use.

How do I find additional mouse options on my computer?

Changing the default settings for your mouse can make your computing experience so much better. You can find mouse settings in your Control Panel if you’re working on a PC.

What should I do if I experience erratic mouse behavior?

Erratic mouse movement can be a headache to deal with. The first thing to check is your cursor speed. If it’s set too high, your mouse pointer might move far too quickly, which looks erratic. Also, try cleaning your mouse and ensuring the optical port isn’t blocked. If the mouse is wireless, it could be a bad connection or wireless signal interference, so try disconnecting and reconnecting the mouse or moving the computer to a new location if you suspect interference.

Should I invest in an external mouse?

Most people will agree that an external mouse is a considerable improvement over trackpads. This is because they allow for better precision and freedom of movement.
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