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Why is My Coffee Maker Making Weak Coffee?

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Updated August 29, 2022

Those who brew coffee may find themselves wondering, “Why is my coffee maker making weak coffee?” That bold coffee taste is something most people savor, and figuring out how to brew coffee correctly is paramount to achieving it.


  • There is a variety of reasons for your morning cup of coffee being weaker than you might desire, such as using the wrong coffee grounds.
  • You can quickly solve most drip coffee maker issues through a bit of troubleshooting and research.
  • Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with your drip coffee machine, and the issue is actually with the type of coffee grounds or beans you’re using.

The best coffee maker will produce amazing coffee every time. Whether you want hot or iced coffee, you should be able to expect amazing coffee from your brew cycle.

Reasons Why You’re Brewing Weaker Coffee

Every cup of coffee should feel like a luxury. Your coffee machine brewing watery coffee in the morning can ruin your entire day. There are a few things you can do to produce a stronger coffee for every brewing cycle. We’ll get into the specifics below.

Other issues with your coffee pot might include strange noises. If you’ve recently wondered, “Why is my coffee maker humming?”, we have a great article on the topic.

Insider Tip

Staying up to date on the best brewing methods is your best defense against bad taste.

Using the Wrong Types of Coffee Beans

The first issue to look into has to do with the coffee types you drink. This also includes if you’re using an Italian espresso machine, or a regular espresso coffee maker. Most coffee lovers have strong preferences, such as only drinking hot coffee or preferring light roast. If you feel like you have weak or bitter coffee, the beans might be unsuited to your palate. Dark roast is preferable for people who desire strong coffee. Lighter roasts lead to flavor loss, and even a stronger medium roast might fall short.

You’ll have a hard time doing anything if the type of coffee maker issue you’re dealing with is a lack of power. We have an article explaining a common reason, “Why is my coffee maker tripping my GFCI?

The Brewing Process is Too Short

Brewing strength refers to how long your bed of coffee grounds will be soaking. The longer the brew cycle, the stronger the coffee. For a perfect brew, refer to the brand you purchase. They should have directions on how to make coffee strong and full of flavor.

Keep in mind, that the brew won’t taste good if your coffee maker stops heating up. In that case, you might want to replace it with a Bonavita BV1900TS or BV1901TS.

The Water Temperature is Low

You’ll need to look up the ideal coffee brewing water temperature for the batch of coffee grounds you’re using. If the temperature is too low, The blends of coffee won’t release the coffee oils and flavor into your coffee drinks. Beyond temperature and coffee filters, the coffee-to-water ratio is also critical.

A Finer Ground Coffee is Required

A finer grind allows more water to sift through your fresh coffee grounds. Such a device may or may not come with your coffee maker. This contact releases more flavor, resulting in a bold coffee. Be mindful of the coffee filters you use since coffee that’s too finely ground can present overflow and grainy coffee problems.


Use caution when handling hot water, or you could risk severe burns.


How can I make the best electric percolator coffee?

A simple recipe is all you need for the best electric percolator coffee of your life. Use one tablespoon of coffee grinds per cup of water. This, along with a great technique, will fill your coffee cup with joy.

How can I avoid making my coffee weak?

There are a few signs that your ancient coffee maker is on its last legs:

  • The coffee doesn’t reach optimal temperature anymore
  • Your morning cup of coffee has lost flavor
  • It’s taking longer to brew coffee

What should I do if I make my coffee weak?

If you’re so opposed to a weak taste that you can’t drink it, there are a few things you can do. A fun idea is to make coffee ice cubes with it so that your iced coffees aren’t watered down.

Is it unhealthy to drink an entire pot of coffee?

For most adults, drinking multiple cups of coffee a day isn’t going to kill you. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that caffeine overdose has some nasty side effects.

STAT: Coffee drinkers in the UK are avid consumers of instant coffee. (source)

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