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Why is the Coffee Maker Making a Humming Sound?

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Updated August 29, 2022

If you’ve heard unexpected noise while brewing your cup of coffee, you might be wondering, “Why is the coffee maker, when low, making a humming sound?” Unexpected noise during any point of the brewing process can ruin the quiet of the morning. These issues don’t occur in a vacuum, however. Sometimes this is the result of not knowing how to use a coffee maker. Or, inexperience with different types of coffee makers, as they all have different operations and processes.


  • Humming could be a normal pump noise, so don’t jump to conclusions if there is some unexpected noise while brewing cups of coffee.
  • Many issues with the hot water brewing system can cause unexpected noise, such as a bad pump motor.
  • If any of these problems pop up, your manufacturer should have included an easy step-by-step guide on how to fix most of them.

Even the best coffee maker will run into issues on occasion. Whether it’s a humming or sizzling sound, or anything in between, you should be prepared to troubleshoot. Make sure to review the manual if you’re using a coffee machine with pods, or if you’re using cold water over hot water in a coffee maker. You don’t want to break your device. Moreover, if you’re still unsure of which device to buy, you might want to read our comparison of Keurig machines, such as the Keurig K50 vs K55.

Explaining the Annoying Noise Your Machine Makes

The last thing you want to hear while brewing cups of coffee throughout the day is a humming noise. There are multiple reasons why this may be happening to you. Follow the step-by-step guide below to sleuth out the source of your loud noise woes.

Trouble often begins with the water reservoir or water tank. If you’ve ever wondered, “Why does the coffee maker overflow?” we have an article explaining it thoroughly.

Insider Tip

The Keurig coffee machine continues to grow in popularity, but there are still advantages to using an old-fashioned type of coffee maker.

Low Water Levels in Water Tank

Your first step should be to check the water supply to see if it’s low. If it is, your machine won’t be able to boil the cold water. To correct this, check the water levels. Most coffee pots and appliances will have water lines to show you how much fresh water is necessary. Going past these lines can stop the flow of water, so don’t overfill. Whether you use tap water or bottled water is up to you.

If you’re displeased with your morning cup of coffee, you might be wondering, “Why is my coffee maker making weak coffee?” It’s a more common problem than you might think.

A Clog in Your Water Pump

You might think that the flow of hot water is enough to clean out your water pump and the system attached to it. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. A clogged water pump is likely due to a build-up of some sort. If you don’t clean your water reservoir regularly, there will be issues down the line.

A water pump is vital for the water flow of your machine. Cleaning your water pump isn’t a huge hassle. Just follow the step-by-step guide provided by the manufacturer.

Level of Noise from Normal Operation

There is a certain level of noise that you can expect from your coffee maker. This could be a clicking noise caused by the pump motor. It could also be a buzzing sound present when brewing. Just because you hear a small level of noise doesn’t mean that anything is wrong.

As long as you have enough tap water in the water tank, you should be good to go with minimal effort. If you feel like the level of noise is unreasonable, reach out to the brand for directions on troubleshooting.


Use caution when handling a Keurig coffee machine since exit needles can easily puncture human skin.


Why is my Keurig coffee machine so loud?

If your Keurig starts making any sort of noise, you should check it out. This is especially true if it’s an unexpected noise. It could be a normal pump noise if you’re brewing. Otherwise, there’s an issue.

How do I remove a coffee ground clog from my burr grinder?

If your burr grinder has a clog, there are a few simple steps to correct the issue. You’ll need to use the brush that came with your grinder to remove the obstruction.

What if my Keurig not pumping water?

There are a few reasons why your Keurig coffee machine isn’t pumping water. The most likely is that the water reservoir has built-up debris and needs to be cleaned.

How do I reset my Keurig coffee machine?

Resetting your Keurig is not a task that has a quick fix. You’ll need a step-by-step guide, preferably the instructions that originally came with your Keurig coffee machine.

STAT: Through its brands and its partnership licensed brands, Keurig has over 400 different varieties and over 60 brands of coffee and other beverages. (source)

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