Why is My Blender Motor So Slow?

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Updated June 1, 2023

So, if you’re wondering why is my blender motor so slow, we can help you troubleshoot the issue. A conventional blender base contains an electric motor that spins the blade shaft and the blender blades. These blades, located in the blender jar, tear through different ingredients and turn them into things like sauces, smoothies, and purees. Sometimes, however, blender motors break or wear down, stopping us from blending at high speeds. The best blender should be capable of a host of recipes. Additionally, if you need a blender for specific recipes like smoothies and such, check out our list of the top blenders for frozen drinks. However, if you need that blender to be more compact, you can check out the top-rated personal blenders.


  • A slow blender motor is an issue for older or defective kitchen blenders.
  • Too much food and not enough liquid can cause your blender blades to get stuck.
  • If you smell burning rubber, you should replace your blender’s motor.

Why is My Blender Motor So Slow?

Conventional blenders aren’t the only appliances that suffer from slow motor speed. Even a device like an immersion blender, personal blender, or food processor can suffer from a sluggish motor. Read on and see the most likely reasons for a dying blender motor.

Insider Tip

Contact your blender manufacturer for replacement parts to fix your slow motor.

Low Power

If your blender is slower than usual, try plugging the blender base into a different outlet to see if the issue persists. If your blender goes back to normal, your slow blender speeds could be a sign of a home issue rather than a blender issue.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to grind your own grains for bread-making or other recipes, you’ll want to consider the differences between a grain mill vs blender.

Too Much Food and Not Enough Water

Tough ingredients are why you use blender pulse, but that doesn’t always work. Clogged blades aren’t an issue if you’re making hot soup or mixing up leafy greens, but certain ingredients can gunk up your blades. For example, thick foods like mashed potatoes or dough can be challenging for a blender to work through. You might fix this by adding more liquid to your blender jar while you blend thick ingredients. The liquid loosens things up but doesn’t add too much.

Your Recipes Require a High-Powered Blender

If you bought your blender unit before cooking became a passion, your tools might need an update. For stuff like hot soup or smoothies, most blender motors will do. That said, for more advanced recipes that use nuts or doughs, basic blender motors can struggle to keep up. This is why blenders with powerful motors are so important. Upgrade to a better blender with variable speed control and a dough blade.

Failing Blender Motor

The worst-case scenario is a failing blender motor. While blenders are usually durable appliances, the parts will go bad eventually. If your blender is unusually loud or smells of burning rubber when you use it, your blender motor fails. Fortunately, you can fix your blender at home or take it to a repair shop.

How can I Fix a Slow Kitchen Blender Motor?

Use Your Warranty

If your blender is relatively new, consider using the product warranty. Some blender brands have up to a five-year warranty, which means they will cover the replacement or repair of a defective blender. That said, most warranties will not cover water or accidental damage.

Repair it Yourself

The online community for appliance repair is massive and usually pretty friendly. Reach out to experts in the fixable products community for help with finding parts or the blender motor repair itself. Alternatively, you can read our guide on how to repair a blender motor.


Make sure you try to use your warranty before opening up your blender. Some repairs might void the warranty and cost you more money than necessary.


How do I remove an old blender blade?

At the base of the blender container, you can unscrew the base. Remove your old blades and screw in the new ones.

How does a blender motor work?

The blender motor is in the base of your blender. The power from an outlet allows the blender motor to spin the blades in the container.

Why are the blender blades not rotating?

If your blender is on and your blades aren’t spinning, you likely have a motor issue.

STAT: According to a survey by Braun, 66% of Americans say they avoid complex recipes if they require too many tools. (source)

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