Why Drones are Good

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Updated June 27, 2022

If you are new to the world of personal aviation vehicles, you may wonder why drones are good and when you need a license to fly a drone. The best drones, after all, have become extremely popular in recent years, and for many reasons. So why are drones good and what can you do with them? Keep reading to find out.


  • Drone technology has become extremely popular in recent years, as they are useful in a wide range of recreational and commercial pursuits, such as delivery drones.
  • Camera drones easily film gorgeous vistas with HD, and above, visuals, in addition to filming you swimming or running.
  • Many users engage in drone races with aerial vehicles or even use their drones to help them catch some fish.

What are Drones Good For?

As you learn about the various types of drones, it is helpful to also learn what drones are good for so you can make an informed purchase. Long story short, drones are great for a wide variety of purposes, listed below. Before flying your drone, though, be sure to learn where to register your drone so you don’t get fined.

Insider Tip

You do not need a license to fly the vast majority of drones, though you do need to have your drone registered with the FAA.

Recreational Flying

Of course, the best way to use your drone is just to, well, fly it around. Go to a park or your yard with a kid in tow and just have fun. Drones are made for flying and you’ll learn the controls in no time. Before long, you’ll be zipping and zooming with the best of them. Don’t underestimate the power of simple fun when it comes to piloting drones.

Filming Aerial Video

There is a reason why drones have become a popular filmmaking tool, as they allow the filming of aerial video without having to spring for a helicopter or some other vehicle. Most drones allow cameras to be directly attached or come pre-equipped with cameras. This allows users to take fantastic, and often HD or above, footage of their surrounding environments. If you’ve ever wanted some glorious footage of your neighborhood shot from above, a drone is your answer.

But, you’ll want to compare a camera vs a drone camera to see which one is better. And, if you’re going to be focusing on racing, compare drones vs RC Helicopters, which usually don’t have a camera onboard.

Racing and Other Games

There is fun to be had when joining drone-related groups with other enthusiastic flyers. You’ll want to know the type of drones that are used in DRL, so you can compete. These groups allow you to engage in good-spirited races and other kinds of games. There are lists of drone-friendly games all over the Internet, so knock yourself out. If you are having trouble finding a drone racing group in your area, hit up various message boards catering to drone enthusiasts.

Drone Fishing

Drones have become a valuable tool for modern fish catchers, thanks to the high-grade sensors often included. The cameras can spot schools of fish at a great distance, allowing you to slowly pull up to the spot and cast your line. Some drones can even be programmed to drop a line and bait all on their own.


How drone technology is changing industries?

Drone technology is changing everything from medicine to simple food delivery, and consumer drones are changing recreation itself.

Is Amazon drone delivery really all that environmentally friendly?

It really depends. For now, it is not, but once it upscales it could address some safety concerns all while becoming more environmentally friendly. Making deliveries is one of the more popular applications of drones.

Why drones are important?

The drone industry and other aerial vehicles are important as these unmanned aircraft systems increase public safety, especially models that deliver medical supplies, allow for fun pursuits, and assist in commercial enterprises.

STAT: Since unmanned aerial vehicles use GPS (the Global Positioning System), they can be programmed and maneuvered accurately to precise locations. (source)

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