Why Does My VPN Keep Disconnecting?

Updated: Sep 12, 2022 3:06 AM
why does my vpn keep disconnecting

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The best VPN software is built to give you a more secure network connection by hiding your IP address, alongside a wide range of other benefits. Of course, any VPN can experience issues, leaving you asking, “Why does my VPN keep disconnecting?” After all, keeping internet connections secure is crucial to your online security. Keep reading to find out the common issues sometimes causing sudden disconnection from your VPN.


  • A disconnection issue with your VPN can lead to multiple headaches, especially if having a high-security level means anything to you.
  • Several reasons might be causing a VPN connection issue. Each one will need a different troubleshooting method.
  • If your internet connection is too slow, your battery-saver is turned on, or you have interfering software, you might lose your VPN connection.

Why Your VPN Connection Keeps Dropping

VPN disconnection isn’t just annoying. It can pose a significant risk to your security as a whole. If your VPN is not connecting, your internet traffic is wide open to anyone who might want to have a peek at your data. This is a severe problem for both computers and mobile devices alike. Keep reading to discover why you might be having frequent disconnections from your VPN.

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The type of VPN protocol used with your VPN software matters greatly in terms of security.

Your Internet Speed is Too Slow

If your internet connections are too slow, your system might not be able to communicate appropriately with your VPN provider. This is because there is constant communication between your computer and the VPN server to maintain a stable connection. You might also want to research how a VPN works with Wi-Fi to ensure a well-rounded education on VPN software.

There Might Be Some Software Issues

There are a few different issues that could be at play here. The first is that you have a program, like Antivirus software, interfering with your connection. Security software of any type doesn’t usually play well with VPN software. So, if you’re experiencing connection issues, check your internal software. For more information on VPN software, read up on what PPTP is.


In certain countries, some laws restrict VPNs, so internet service providers block their usage.

Your Battery-Saving Features are Turned On

Some battery optimization features might interfere with a VPN. This is because the battery-saving mode diverts power from programs and applications that aren’t currently running. Your VPN typically runs in the background, tricking your battery saver into thinking it doesn’t need power. If your VPN is disconnecting, it might be because of your enabled power-saving feature.

STAT: In 2019, with almost 27 percent, Open VPN took the largest market share of commercial virtual private networks (VPNs) in the United States. (source)

Why Does My VPN Keep Disconnecting FAQs

Can I lower my likelihood of connection issues?

Your likelihood of connection issues rests on a few factors. The first thing you can do is always ensure you have a reliable connection to the internet. You should also be on top of your firewall settings.

Will a VPN lower my connection speed?

Virtual private networks will sometimes cause a slowdown in your internet speed. However, this shouldn’t be too noticeable unless you already have a slow internet connection.

How does a VPN work?

A VPN creates a secure tunnel between you and the VPN. Once the information gets to the VPN servers, it is securely encrypted and then sent out to whichever website you’re trying to access.

How can I maintain a reliable connection to my VPN?

There are a few ways you can ensure a reliable connection with your VPN. The first is to ensure that your internet speeds are up to par. Another is to remove programs that might interfere with your connection.

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