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Why Do My Earbuds Keep Breaking?

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If you are new to the universe of portable audio devices, you may wonder, “Why do my earbuds keep breaking?” Many of the best headphones, after all, are earbuds, and these gadgets have a tendency to break as you use them, which is a major inconvenience. So what makes the best wireless earbuds malfunction, and what can you do to stop it from happening? Keep reading to find out.


  • Wireless earbuds and wireless headphones malfunction for both hardware and software reasons, so preventative measures are key to avoiding broken earbuds.
  • If you are concerned about wired earbuds or any wired pair of headphones, make sure to pay special attention to the internal wires and cables and organize them appropriately.
  • You should also keep your driver software up to date and make sure the batteries are always charged.

Why Do Earbuds Break?

There are numerous reasons why earbuds malfunction if you are wondering why your earbuds are not working. This can happen at any point during the lifespan of the wireless earbuds if you are wondering how long earbuds last. Many of these issues, however, can be addressed at home, so you won’t need to learn how to fix AirPods.

Insider Tip

If you are especially concerned about the lifespan of your earbuds, purchase a third-party warranty.

Of course, some problems are beyond the scope of DIY procedures, so head to a repair shop, even if you are comparing headphones vs speakers. Additionally, pay attention to the special requirements of your earbuds, such as when comparing Bluetooth vs wired headphones for radiation.

How to Prevent Earbuds From Breaking

Though there are plenty of reasons why earbuds malfunction during use, there are a few maintenance steps to consider to prevent this from happening in the first place.

On the other hand, if you’d prefer not to bother with earbuds at all, then read our comparison article on the HE4XX vs HE5XX.

Keep Them Stored Properly

Make sure your store your earbuds properly. Wireless earbuds tend to ship with a charging case of some kind that doubles as a storage container, so use that. If they don’t ship with that, invest in a third-party case of some kind to keep things nice and tidy. If you are using wired earbuds, make sure to coil them up properly so that the cables don’t tangle or fray. For this purpose, invest in a dedicated headphone stand of some kind.

Keep Them Charged Up

Allowing your earbuds to run out of juice institutes something called the charging cycle. Each battery can only survive so many of these charging cycles, requiring a replacement battery if that number is exceeded. Prevent a charging cycle reset by keeping the wireless earbuds fully charged. Just make it a habit to pop them in the charging cradle each night before you go to bed.

STAT: Bluetooth stuttering issues are most likely caused by signal interference. (source)

Update the Drivers

Modern earbuds use advanced hardware audio drivers and software drivers. Your wireless earbuds may just need a software update to get them working and keep them working. Download and install the latest driver software by following the instructions that accompany your earbuds.

Breaking Earbuds FAQs

How do you know if your earbuds are breaking?

If your headphone jack won’t work, or if you are hearing a broken-up audio signal, these are signs the internal components are failing. Opt for expensive headphones over cheap headphones to ensure an adequate lifespan.

How do you protect your earbuds from moisture and humidity?

Moisture and humidity are some of the more common reasons that lead to broken headphones. Purchase earbuds that are sweat and moisture-resistant or take great care to clean them after every use. Moisture leads to damage to the internal wires. Moisture can even damage headphone jacks and the like.

Why is my Bluetooth connection breaking up?

Any number of things can impact a Bluetooth signal and lower the sound quality. There could be too many mobile devices paired up, there could be signal interference causing undue stress on the system, or you could simply be too far away.

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