Why Do I Need a Footrest for my Standing Desk Footrail?

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Updated August 30, 2022

If you recently invested in a standing desk, you have probably heard that you should also get a footrest and are curious why do I need a footrest for my standing desk footrail. The many benefits of using the best standing desk encourage changes to your office, and you may think the foot rail design on the desk is enough.


  • Using a foot rail with any desk can increase blood flow and improve back pain in the office, whether the surface is a traditional desk or an adjustable height electric desk with multiple positions.
  • If you are shorter than the average person, find a footrest that allows you to rest your feet on it without dangling them off the edge of chairs.
  • Active standing can help promote active standing, a method that results from you shifting your weight or moving more frequently.

Part of the reason why standing desks are expensive stems from the ergonomic design of these tables. You can further the ergonomics by using a footrest, enhancing comfort, body, and health benefits in a certain style material. If you would like some more information on these benefits, you can read about how this new study shows the benefits of standing desks vs sitting chairs. So if you are curious about standing desks we have a great article you can check out comparing the offerings of Human Solution vs Herman Miller.

What Type of Foot Stool Is Used with a Standing Desk?

Footstools and footrests enable you to move more while you work while increasing comfort. Additionally, you may notice further health benefits and increased circulation in your lower limbs. Finally, you should consider whether you want a manual or electric standing desk and learn why a standing desk motor helps.

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Standing desks with a footrest help promote proper posture.

To fully understand the impact of a footstool, you may want to look at the various types of footrests available, but there is not a standard footrest type to use. Read on to understand the extent of the benefits of using a footrest.


If you are shorter, you may benefit from using a footrest or foot rail with your traditional desk or height-adjustable standing desk. This feature helps to essentially raise the floor’s level, reducing the chances that your feet will dangle while sitting.

As a result, you should have increased circulation in your legs and body. However, when you sit with your feet dangling, gravity pulls your legs down, which can cut off circulation to the lower legs, though the body is not affected. Even if your feet barely reach the ground, this reduction in circulation can occur in some office chairs with sharp angles and a 90-degree angle body.


A footrest can increase your comfort throughout the day by providing a cushion under your feet. Additionally, you sit or stand with your feet at a more comfortable angle adjustment. Some memory foam footrests allow you to compensate for your shoes, especially high heels.

When your feet rest at an angle, you may find that a foot rail relieves pressure on the back, legs, and feet, as well as the rest of the body. This factor leads to a reduction in pain and swelling, but it can help improve poor posture. If you combine these features with an anti-fatigue mat in the center of your desk, you should notice a difference in pain and swelling. If you don’t follow these tips you may see a standing desk as bad for you because you are not maximizing the potential benefits of it.

Health Benefits

Many health benefits are associated with using standing desks to center your work, and you might see more with the addition of a footrest. As mentioned above, a footrest helps improve circulation just by lifting your feet. In addition, if you lean against a tall chair or a stool, you shift your weight off your lower limbs using a footrest.

Additionally, you may see an improvement in posture due to using a footrest. For example, one study found that a 10-30 cm footrest promotes posture adjustments and activates different muscles related to active standing. You reduce lower back pain and other back issues as a result of these changes. Because of these health benefits, it is easy to see when standing desks are better for you than sitting desks.


Blood tends to pool in the legs and feet during long periods of standing, but a footrest could help improve circulation.


Can working in a standing position cause health problems?

Yes, but severe problems occur after long periods of time standing for hours every day. Standing while working can cause blood to pool in the legs and feet, stressing the veins. As a result, you become more likely to develop varicose veins. Additionally, standing in one place or sitting for a long time may increase blood clots and deep vein thrombosis.

What Are the Benefits of Under Foot Desk Rests?

You see improvement in circulation, muscle activity, and comfort with an underfoot desk rest. Additionally, a footrest helps shorter people by providing something they can rest their feet on if they can’t reach the ground.

What is a standing desk stool?

A standing desk stool provides a place for the desktop user to lean or sit without adjusting the height of the standing desk. They resemble regular stools but are taller.

STAT: Once an ergonomic footrest is introduced, the chance of developing circulatory issues dramatically decreases. (source)

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