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Why Do I Have Tiny Ants in My Coffee Maker?

Updated: Aug 29, 2022 3:54 PM
Why Do I Have Tiny Ants in My Coffee Maker?

Even if you have a premier coffee maker, some issues are hard to avoid, especially those that include insects. If you are unfortunate enough to have a trail of ants leading to your coffee machine, you need solutions. That said, before you can remove the ant mound from your coffee pot, you need to know why they’re there in the first place. So, if you want to know why you have tiny ants in your coffee maker, read this guide to start enjoying your morning coffee again.


  • Ants will nest in your coffee maker due to the warmth, darkness, and access to water.
  • If you have house plants or open bowls of pet food, they are probably the main attractors of the ants.
  • If your coffee maker is dirty, ants will infest the coffee maker to access mineral deposits in the water lines. Use soapy water to clean it.

Why are Ant Nests in Your Coffee Maker?

If you notice an ant trail along your kitchen counter, you need to sort it out. That said, it’s hard to begin treatment before you know what’s attracting the pests and why they love your coffee machine. So, if you’re a coffee drinker who’s tired of ants in kitchen appliances, read on to get them at the source.

In fact, if your coffee maker keeps breaking in your house, the ants might have something to do with it. Little insects like ants or even fruit flies can ruin a coffee maker over time.


Your coffee machine gets pretty warm after a brew cycle. The darkness of the internals, combined with the ambient heat, is a perfect place for ants to live. Unfortunately, even keeping a clean coffee maker cannot dissuade some ants from nesting in the appliance. That said, if ants are staying in your machine, it can cause issues with coffee overflow or prevent the heating cycle from working.

Insider Tip

If you have house plants, keep them out of your kitchen. Insects will nest in the plants due to the soil and their proximity to food.

Water Source

If you keep your water tank full at all times, ants will want to be there. The fresh water in your machine is an excellent water source for your indoor ant colony. Consider keeping your water reservoir empty and dry unless you’re actively using the coffee maker.

Mineral Deposits

If you notice coffee grounds in your coffee maker, then your unit is likely dirty. While ants aren’t interested in old coffee, they are interested in calcium and other minerals that can build up in your coffee machine. Run a descaling solution through your device to halt this food source.

Pet Food

If you keep a dog or cat food dish in your kitchen, move it immediately. Ants view these uncovered bowls as an excellent food source, bringing them closer to your coffee maker.

Potted Plants

Old house plants are the perfect breeding grounds for ants and some house flies. If the plants are in your kitchen, consider moving them outside to see if your ant issue gets better.


Do not use ant poison on your cooking surfaces. While it will get rid of your ant problem, you can get sick if you accidentally ingest any solutions.


How can I get rid of ants in my dishwasher?

Soak some cotton balls in warm water mixed with sugar and borax. Place a cotton ball where you spotted the ants in your dishwasher and let the ants swarm it. These are called borax-sugar traps, and the ants will poison their colony with the borax.

What can I use to get rid of ants in my garden?

While ants can be annoying, there is little reason to oust them from your garden. On the contrary, they benefit your soil and most plants by fighting off other insects like fruit flies and Asian cockroaches.

Do ants go away in winter?

Ants do not go away in the winter, but they slow down and go into a pseudo-hibernation. That said, if you notice ants in your home during the winter months, you likely have a colony in your home.

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