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Why Do I Have Grounds in My Coffee Maker?

Updated: Aug 29, 2022 3:51 PM
Why Do I Have Grounds in My Coffee Maker?

Even if you have a top-tier coffee maker, you’re bound to run into issues eventually. One of the most frustrating coffee maker issues is getting ground coffee in your morning brew. You might assume that the point of using a filter basket is to keep oily coffee beans out of our pot, but why do you have grounds in your coffee maker? Read this guide, and we’ll explore how ground coffee sediment is getting into your coffee machine.


  • If you have grounds in your fresh coffee, make sure you’re using the correct grind size for your filter.
  • Make sure you have the correct size coffee filter for your drip coffee maker.
  • Lastly, ensure your reusable coffee filter isn’t broken and that you’re using enough ground beans.

How Do I Keep Coffee Grounds Out of My Pot of Coffee?

While some consumers appreciate the strong brew cycle of a French press, most coffee drinkers appreciate the ease of a drip machine with a metal or paper filter. In addition to removing potentially harmful coffee oils, paper and metal filters keep coffee ground sediment from dirtying our fresh pot.

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Insider Tip

Ground beans might wash into your morning coffee if your paper coffee filter isn’t in the brew basket correctly.

If instead of coffee grounds, you’ve found an ant colony in your brewer, we can tell you why you have ants in your coffee machine.

Wrong Grind Size

Each type of coffee maker calls for unique grind size. For example, espresso coffee grounds need to be fine, while drip makers call for a coarser grind. If your grind is too fine, hot water will wash sediment into your coffee pot.

Wrong Filter Type

Even if you don’t know why coffee makers use filters, you should be able to tell if it’s the correct size for your machine. If your filter can sit in the coffee maker wrong, it is the wrong size for your brew basket. In addition, if your filter is too small, ground coffee will splash out of the filter as the brew cycle progresses. Alternatively, if you have too much water in your tank, you’ll force the coffee maker to overflow that delicious brown water.

Wrong Amounts of Ground Coffee

If you use too little coffee in your filter, your beans can splash out of the brew basket and into your drink. In addition, you’ll get weak coffee, which isn’t great either. Try adding an additional tablespoon of coffee if you think this is the issue. But, if you’re trying to make unique coffee, such as preparing Kapeng Barako with a coffee maker, then you’ll need to use a different method entirely.

Reusable Coffee Filter Malfunction

Reusable filters break down, and the glue holding the mesh will loosen over time. Ensure there aren’t any holes or tears in the mesh filter.


Do not unjam your bean grinder with your hands, especially if you have a cheap blade grinder with subpar parts. If you must use your hands, wear gloves to keep from getting injured.


How to separate coffee grounds from brewed coffee?

Suppose your brewing process results in a cloudy cup of coffee. In that case, you can strain the mixture over a coffee cup or additional carafe. While we recommend a metal strainer, you can also place a clean metal filter over your mug to strain out any grinds.

How does a better quality French press reduce the risk of sediment?

A premium french press coffee maker has quality parts that ensure a clean brew. The mesh filter and rubber gaskets from the plunger act as a barrier along the carafe walls. That said, ensure you’re using percolator-size grounds.

How do I clean my dirty machine?

Use soap and tap water to clean the outside of the machine and the hot plate. Then mix boiling water and the descaling solution into the water tank and do a brew cycle without coffee beans. Lastly, do one more cycle of hot or cold water, and the cleaning process is complete.

STAT: According to the USDA, experts predict that world coffee production in 2021/2022 will be down by up to 11 million bags of coffee. (source)

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