Many people wonder why blenders with powerful motors are preferred by professional chefs and some consumers. However, the answer seems pretty intuitive when you think about it. High-end blenders of various types of blenders, including immersion blenders, personal blenders, and standing blenders, with powerful motors, can blend more challenging ingredients, such as coffee beans or grains. Just remember that some more blenders offer high power with more affordable price tags.


  • Many blenders with powerful motors offer more functionality to the blender.
  • Your powerful motor likely has a higher wattage than a standard model.
  • These high-performance blenders function with variable speeds for different preparations.

Where is the Motor Stored?

The strong motor of the blender typically resides within a plastic housing that makes up the motor base. When you are going to make something using a countertop blender, you place a glass pitcher or glass jar on top of the base with the blades attached to the bottom and the ingredients inside. Then, you put the lid on the food container and blend. The powerful motor causes the sharp blender blades to spin faster and with more force behind them. Unfortunately, blender motors can become slow for a variety of reasons. To fix this problem, you have to know the cause.

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Why are Powerful Motors Useful?

High-powered blenders feature a motor with a higher wattage, as the name implies. They use more power to propel their blades faster, resulting in more decisive strikes from the blade. Consumers using a blender with a powerful motor may expand the blender’s capabilities, including heating ingredients for soup or sauces and blending tougher elements. Some expensive blenders help heat room temperature ingredients up, making them perfect for hot soup. Additionally, to prevent spills or food wastage, you need to know the various parts of your appliance, especially where the rubber gasket goes on the blender (since this is the part that keeps liquid from spilling).

Often high-wattage blenders offer higher speed settings. You usually change the speed by turning a variable speed dial or pushing a button. You may find that a high-performance blender does things that standard blenders cannot do. For example, ingredients that require more effort to break up should do so quickly with a high-speed blender and a powerful motor. Ordinary blenders suit smoothie making with soft fruit and some chopping of similar ingredients. However, a more powerful blender allows you to deal with tougher foods.

What can a Powerful Blender be Used for?

  • Mixing bread dough seems like something you have to do by hand. However, a powerful kitchen appliance like a blender could be particularly useful in this situation.
  • Milkshakes may entice many consumers to purchase a cheaper blender, but high-powered models should give your desired consistency in less time.
  • Blending ice with other liquids and flavors has become popular. In fact, with the right blender, you could make your favorites fruit smoothies, green smoothies, or an alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink. Additionally, the higher power blenders may help you immensely when mixing frozen fruit or leafy greens.
  • Whole juice should be easy to make using a blender, but some fruits may require a powerful motor to break through and produce juice. Either way, this juice could be the perfect addition to your morning smoothie.
  • Pancake batter seems like something you make in a mixer. However, blenders could help perfect this task and the smooth texture required to create the perfect pancake or waffle.

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Should I get a countertop blender or a hand blender?

It depends on what you want to make. Like hot soups or small portions, some recipes would fit a hand blender better than a countertop blender. However, the two share many functions, and the countertop blender may offer a higher power motor.

What should I consider about countertop blenders?

When buying a new blender, consider what you will be using it for, how quickly you want to make something, and the speed and power required for these aspects. You should also consider your preferred price range when looking at blenders, including immersion blenders or personal blenders.

Do you need a high-speed blender?

High-speed blenders may not be necessary for making fruit smoothies with fresh, soft fruits. However, if you plan to use your blender for more than just blending soft items, you may want to invest in a high-speed blender.

STAT: In 2015, the global blender and juicers market was valued at about 2.33 billion U.S. dollars. (source)

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