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Why are there Fruit Flies by My Coffee Maker?

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Updated August 29, 2022

Even if you have the best coffee maker, you might notice a fruit fly infestation in and around your machine. While you can use an all-purpose spray or a regular rinse cycle, you’ll likely deal with a barrage of fruit flies until you take further steps. So, if you want to know why there are fruit flies by your coffee maker, read on to get the causes and solutions for your fruit fly invasion.


  • Fruit flies seek out warm and moist areas, as you’d find after a brew cycle.
  • The most significant fruit fly breeding grounds are sink drains and house plants, not the coffee machine.
  • Keep a clean kitchen and coffee pot to discourage the buildup of fruit flies on the coffee dispenser nozzle and coffee grinds.

Why Do Fruit Flies Like My Coffee Machine?

If you’ve discovered a fruit fly gathering in your coffee grounds basket or surrounding your device, it’s concerning. Of course, the last thing you want is to drink coffee full of fruit fly eggs and larvae, but luckily, your coffee maker likely isn’t the breeding ground. That said, we can point out why your coffee maker is so appealing to house flies. While you may not know why coffee makers get so big, fruit flies will also infest small models.


Heat and warm surfaces attract flies and other insects. This also includes tiny ants that can get in a coffee maker, which is why you want to place your kitchen coffee maker in a good, dry area. In addition, if you haven’t cleaned or descaled your coffee maker, the heated coffee residue will make the old grounds rancid, attracting insects.

Insider Tip

If you keep a bowl of fruit in your kitchen, consider covering it with a cake dome to keep flies away.


Flies are drawn to moisture, so they can attract bugs if you fail to wipe down your coffee machine. In addition, make sure you immediately dispose of your coffee grounds and wipe out the bean basket. Finally, if you notice excess moisture, read our guide on why your coffee maker is leaking.

Old Coffee Grounds

While coffee beans are seeds, they come from the coffee cherry, a fruit. Some people choose to store their used grounds for compost or other recipes. So, if you keep your old coffee grounds in a container, make sure it is airtight. Flies are drawn to moist and decaying fruit for breeding and eating.

Known Causes of Fruit Fly Infestations

While flies might surround your coffee maker, it probably isn’t the central location of your fruit fly infestation. However, below are the prime suspects of where a fruit fly colony might live in your house.

Dirty Sink

A dirty sink is the most common spot for fruit flies to breed and live. Luckily, drain flies are relatively simple to remove. While you need oxygen bleach, and a dishrag, you can clear out the fruit flies for good in about 10 minutes.

Bowl of Fruit

If you keep a fruit bowl in your kitchen, it might draw fruit flies into your home. For best results, store your fruit in the refrigerator or a cupboard. Lastly, cover the dish with a plastic cover or transfer your fruit to a food tub.

House Plants

Fruit flies love house plants, and you should move them into your garage or outside. If you notice a drop in house flies, then you know they live in your plant’s soil. So instead of trashing your plants, draw them out with a vinegar trap.


Do not wash your coffee maker with bleach. The remaining bleach residue can contaminate your brew and make you sick.


How to kill fruit flies in drain?

Fill the sink with 1/3 hot water and add oxygenated bleach to the water. Next, place a rag in the sink water and let the water sit for ten minutes. Lastly, drain the sink and wipe out any remaining flies from the sink.

Does bleach kill fruit flies?

While bleach will kill fruit flies, it isn’t recommended for a widescale extermination effort. In addition to cleaning with bleach, you’ll need to clean your surfaces again to clear away any bleach, especially if you wiped down food surfaces. Try white vinegar or wine vinegar.

How to get rid of fruit flies in plants?

The best way to remove flies from your house plants is a fruit fly trap. You’ll need plastic wrap, a small dish, and apple cider vinegar. The vinegar is a fruit fly attractant, and they will get stuck in the container and die in the vinegar.

STAT: According to the CDFA, adult female fruit flies can travel up to 30 miles to find food and lay eggs. (source)

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